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TIE Fighter - The '80s Anime-Style Short Film

This awesome TIE Fighter short film, done in the style of old '80s anime, takes the Empire's perspective of a large space battle focusing on three main TIE pilots. According to the animater Paul Johnson, this was animated by himself during 4 years' worth of weekends. It definitely has that classic anime style and those the missile contrails are fantastic. The sound effects were pulled right from the TIE Fighter game. The metal music is good and works, but a full score would also match this perfectly. Watch and be amazed. Man, I really miss this style of anime.

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- Shawn - 3/29/15

Change is Afoot

You may notice that the site looks weird. Maybe it looks broken or messed up, or maybe you can't even see the site at all and you think it no longer exists. Well, my hosting company decided to no longer support the web software that I was using. Admittedly, I was using an out-of-date program, but they could have at least given me more than four days notice. Sigh. So, while I try to get a familiar with a new web program to get back to posting cool stuff, I won't be able to post updates and the site might look like something from 2002. In the meantime, I might post stuff to the DigitalMonkeyBox Facebook page so that I can at least still share some things, so please visit our Facebook page. I don't know how long it will take, but eventually the site will be back in full working order. Stay frosty.

Until the change is complete, here's a photo of Jack•Bot.

- Shawn - 3/21/15

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A-Jax / Typhoon Archived on PS4

Konami's 1987 shooter A-Jax just got a release on Japanese PS4s, as part of the Arcade Archives series. What was cool about A-Jax is that it had two type of stages. In some stages the player would pilot a jet in a behind-the-plane perspective (kind of like Afterburner), while other stages had the player piloting a helicopter in a traditional vertical scrolling top-view. Jets and choppers, shooting enemies separately, but together.

A-Jax, cleaning the skies of bad guys!

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- Shawn - 3/21/15

The Monkey's News Box: 3/15/15


  • ThreeA will be making Star Wars figures. Casually announced in the latest issue of ThreeA's H3adlines, the line might be called Star Wars Alternate. An official announcement will be coming. The picture below is not of the actual figures. Maybe. ThreeA previously showed off Tomorrow King Trooper concepts last year, but who knows if the actual Star Wars Alternate figures will look like that or be something else. I'm hoping for something with more armor than the Tracksuit Trooper. Regardless, this is very cool news considering Ashley Wood has been wanting to make his own Star Wars figures for a long time now.

This might not be what ThreeA's Star Wars figures will look like.

  • Mattel showed off a couple of the yet unseen figures in their Masters of the Universe 200X mini-subscription: King Chooblah and Queen Grayskull. Both of these figures look amazing and Chooblah has so much new tooling. I'm thinking of actually subscribing for this now.

People who like to complain about MOTU can't complain too much about all the new tooling and details in Chooblah.

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- Shawn - 3/15/15

Godzilla: King of Pixelated Monsters

NECA is using their Godzilla license to bring out as many versions of Godzilla as they can, which is now including ones we haven't had as a figure before. First shown at Toy Fair alongside the 8-Bit Gremlin, the latest in NECA's videogame figure line is 8-Bit Godzilla as he appeared in Godzilla: Monster of Monsters for the NES. The 8-Bit King of Monsters is presented with a partially pixelated paint deco in a lovely shade of NES green. Like NECA's other Godzilla figures, this G is over 6" tall and 12" long,with over 30 points of articulation in a package much like the old NES box. Videogame Godzilla does have new dorsal plates, though, so he is a little more than a straight-up repaint.

A full 8-Bits of the King of Monsters.

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- Shawn - 3/14/15

Gremlins from a Game with 8-Bit Machine Guns

Gremlins 2 is a very divisive movie. People seem to either love it or hate it. I'm in the former camp. I love how self-aware the movie is. It's lots of bad decisions, but it just goes with them because it knows exactly what it's doing and it's all intentional. Surprisingly, a while back I learned a very good friend of mine had never seen Gremlins 2, so he started to watch it, but turned it off halfway through. I told him he should at least finish it, but I'm sure he didn't listen to me. It surprised me because he has even made a list of his favorite bad movies. Anyway, the reason we're all here is NECA's next retro videogame figure, the Mohawk Gremlin. First revealed at Toy Fair, the 8-bit Mohawk Gremlin wields an 8-bit machine gun from the NES Gremlins 2 videogame. I don't remember if I liked the game or not, but I do like the look of this figure.

All Gremlins want to do is disco machine gun!

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- Shawn - 3/9/15

The Monkey's News Box: 2/22/15


  • The Predator and Colonel Dillon will both be in Mortal Kombat X as DLC in June. Carl Weathers even approved his likeness for the game. This is seriously awesome. The only thing that could be better is if they were able to get Arnold's Dutch into the game who could say, "I'm here! Kill me!" during a fight. That's not all, though, because Spawn might end up in Mortal Kombat X. Apparently he was originally considered to be a guest character in Injustice or Injustice 2, but there is only a limited amount of time he can be used so MKX seems likely.

  • NIS confirmed that Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls will be heading to the U.S. this Fall. This is a spin-off and is quite different than the normal games. This looks more like dark silliness than ultimate despair, but I'll definitely be playing it regardless.


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- Shawn - 2/22/15

Toy Fair '15 Thoughts

Toy Fair 2015 debuted a lot of cool figures and here are some of the things that peaked my collector interest. Since I wasn't able to attend, I scoured all the various photos posted by other sites and here are my thoughts on some of the countless things shown off at the show. All photos that aren't provided press photos are from Action Figure Insider and Figures.com, so be sure to check out the galleries and coverage at those two sites for TONS more awesome pictures of everything.

Hasbro Transformers: The biggest and best thing I've seen form Toy Fair was the new Devastator. The Constructicons are the larger Voyager class size, so Devastator will be about 2 feet tall. Finally the Constructicons are the size they should be. This set will run $150, which is a decent price for the size of everything. I can totally see Hasbro doing a yellow and purple G2 variant for SDCC.

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- Shawn - 2/22/15

Halo 4 Series 3 Escalates

Originally shown as three figures, a fourth figure has been added to McFarlane Toys' Halo 4 Series 3 and, not surprisingly, it's another Walgreens exclusive. This new Walgreens Spartan Soldier is brick red with white accents. This figure isn't nearly as cool looking as Walgreens' previous exclusive, but it's nice that at least one retailer still has some kind of faith in the product. Plus, Walgreens has become a hotspot for exclusive figures with the Prototype Armor Boba Fett, Game of Thrones, and Spider-Man Pop exclusives they've had over the past year, so they might as well add another.

This is the first Halo figure series since Halo 4 Series 2 about a year and a half ago, which is a very long time between Halo waves. The lone Master Chief with a cloak doesn't count since the Chief has been released ad nauseam. Spawn.com has updated with official photos of the four figures which look a little different than the prototypes shown last year with better paint coloring and detail. It's great that we're getting at least one more series of Halo figures.

The new Walgreens exclusive almost looks like a Medic Spartan. It's just missing a little cross.

Jul 'Mdama and his hood ornament don't care about the truce.

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- Shawn - 2/19/15

Mad Moxxi Likes it When Borderlands Pop

It seems like NECA might not be making any new Borderlands figures, but luckily Funko has opened their vault and pulled out Borderlands Pops vinyls. They're not full-on actions figures, but at least it's something. The first Borderlands Pop figures will be coming in April with Mad Moxxi, Psycho Bandit, Handsome Jack, and everyone's favorite (or most annoying) robot Claptrap. Claptrap will be in normal yellow along with both a Gentleman Claptrap and blue Claptrap being exclusive to GameStop. Gentleman Claptrap will be exclusive to GameStop stores, while the blue Claptrap will be an exclusive to the Power Up Rewards program, meaning you can only get it by using GameStop's space points or finding one on the secondary market. I'm sure those won't be the only variants either because I can already see a ton of possible variants for Mad Moxxi, the Psycho Bandit, and Claptrap.

These Borderlands Pops and all the inevitable variants coming soon

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 Shawn - 2/11/15

The Monkey's News Box: 2/8/15


  • The trailer for Persona 5 went live and is showing what looks like a different kind of Persona. Action and stealth elements, characters who might change into their Personas, and most importantly, a cat character. A cat! This is an exciting time for Persona fans.


  • Have a gander at some sweet Xenoblade Chronicles X concept art. Also, check out the presentation for the game showing the vast world, badass transforming mechs, and gameplay. I am loving what I see in this. Xenoblade Chronicles X is looking like a very good reason to own a Wii U.

- Shawn - 2/8/15

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PlayStation Optimus Plays Golf with Everybody

Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. has released some new images of PlayStation Optimus Prime, revealing that the Autobot leader and Sony fanboy will get not one, but two game discs. Optimus will include Everybody's Golf (Hot Shots Golf to us U.S. folks) and Play Play Vol. 1. I'm not sure what Play Play is, but it sounds like it would be a demo disc of some sort like the PlayStation underground discs we got. Man, I would loved to have seen Optimus with a Ridge Racer disc.

"There's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory card."

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- Shawn - 2/7/15

NECA Two-Tones the Alien 3 Dog Alien

NECA is now bringing their Aliens figures to their retro videogame figure line. First up is the dog alien from Alien 3 game released on the SNES, NES, and Genesis. While the movie was less than what everyone had hoped it would be, the game was great. At lest the SNES version was, which was the one I played. I think this version is more based on the NES and Genesis versions of the game, though, because I don't remember that mission still from the SNES version. The two-tone paint makes it look like there are blue glowing lights reflecting off the Alien's right side, which is a pretty cool effect when looking at the figure from the front.

They mostly Two-Tone at Night. Mostly.

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- Shawn - 2/1/15

Kojima Pre-Reveals ThreeA's Half-Size Rex and Ray

Ultraman snack eater Hideo Kojima pre-revealed the latest Metal Gear Solid goodies coming from ThreeA: half-size versions of Rex and Ray! This is great for fans who don't have the money and/or the room for the normal massive-sized versions. I'm guessing Rex will be around 7 inches tall with a 12-inch railgun and Ray will be about 8 inches tall with a smaller-yet-still-large 19-inch wingspan. I'm wondering if the half-size Metal Gears will have all the lights and articulation as the bigger originals. The full reveal of half-size Rex and Ray will be at Wonder Festival in a couple weeks, but I have a feeling we won't find out every single detail regarding them. The rest of the details will probably be revealed before ThreeA makes these newer smaller Metal Gears available.

Metal Gear Rex and Ray are being made half-sized to reach more MGS fans.

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- Shawn - 1/28/15

The Monkey's News Box: 1/25/15


  • Marvel announced that they are ending the Marvel universe and the Ultimate universe in Secret Wars. I guess these aren't spoilers since Marvel is telling us all this, but they kind of are. The universes will collide and everyone will be in Battleworld. What happens in Battleworld will form the new and only Marvel universe. Many of the big Marvel stories from the past like Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, Armor Wars, House of M, and many more will be the building blocks of the new universe. Some characters will not make it to the new Marvel universe, which we are told that fans will be probably be angry about. Secret Wars will begin in May with issue #0 for Free Comic Book Day. The Interactive Battleworld map will be updated to show who is where in Battleworld and what stories you can catch up on until this all begins. Watch the video below to see the announcement of all this craziness. DC did the whole New 52 reboot a few years ago and that didn't turn out so good. Hopefully Marvel can make a mass reboot will turn out better.



  • Mondo's Iron Giant figure went up for pre-order this week. The Iron Giant has over 30 points of articulation, two interchangeable heads with light-up features, Hogarth mini figure, gun arm, a girder, and a magnetic S sign to attach to his chest. Their exclusive edition included a "Hand over foot" accessory and sold out super fast. Iron Giant costs $300, but is probably worth it.

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- Shawn - 1/25/15

Super Chain Crusher Horizon Challenges Darius as Widest Widescreen Shooter

The Darius games have some of the widest displays of widescreen gaming, but a shooter has arrived that might be even wider: Super Chain Crusher Horizon. SCCH boasts a 3200 x 800 pixel display that I think is actually wider than the ultra widescreen Darius Burst: Another Chronicle. There are two ways to play SCCH. You can play with the Mono Shot utilizing the largest charge gauge ever to create a chain of explosions, or play it like a normal shooter with rapid fire and just shoot everything. Check out the video with some fantastic trance shooting music by Logic Bomb.


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- Shawn - 1/24/15

The Monkey's News Box: 1/18/15


  • Hasbro's first attempt at a fan-created character was a huge success, resulting in the very popular character Windblade. Hasbro is taking things a step further with letting fans vote on a new combiner team. Fans can decide on whether the characters are Autobots or Decepticons, the types of vehicles they transform into, and the names. The new characters will eventually be a part of the Combiner Wars toys and I'm sure will make their way to the comics, too. All voting will be handled on the Transformers app. I'm excited to see where this goes. Windblade turned out awesome and is a fantastic character, but a combiner team is a much bigger responsibility, so hopefully the fans make good choices again.

Fandom chose wisely for Windblade. Can they do it again?

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- Shawn - 1/18/15

ThreeZero's Iron Kong Brings a Pounding

ThreeZero's second Zoid, the mighty Iron Kong, is ready and willing to bring some poundings to whatever you got. The 1/72 scale Kong has over 50 points of articulation, including the opening mouth and cockpit, spinning blades, and articulated fingers. It has all the detail and weathering you might expect from an awesome ThreeZero product and includes two pilots and a light-up cockpit. Unlike Shield Liger, ThreeZero is offering Iron Kong directly from their webstore for an equally mighty $300. Unfortunately, there is no ThreeZero exclusive item or colorway for Iron Kong, so you're basically deciding if you want it sooner than later by ordering direct from ThreeZero. It will be shipping during the second quarter of this year.

Iron Kong is here to pound out the old Shield Liger.

Now what will ThreeZero make for their third Zoid? There are so many possibilities.

- Shawn - 1/17/15

Direct link: ThreeZero's Iron Kong Brings a Pounding

NECA Debuts 25th Anniversary Dark Horse Comics Predator

First teased on the latest Predator visual guide, NECA has revealed the 25th Anniversary Dark Horse Comics Predator. It painted just like the Pred on the original comic cover of Predator #1 from 1989. Yes, it's basically another repaint since the armor isn't exactly like the one the comic cover, but this figure looks spectacular. This makes me want to dig out my old Predator comics.

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- Shawn - 1/14/15

The Monkey's News Box: 1/11/15


  • Hot Toys is making an Alien figure, but it's a busty girl wearing an Alien costume as a part of their Hot Angel line. It almost seems like their version of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo statue line, but with high end expensive action figures. What a coincidence that it was announced hot on the heels of Neil Blomkamp's concept art showing Ripley wearing an Alien head helmet. I guess Hot Toys' previous She Predator Machiko figure will have someone to fight soon.

  • Mezco released new photos of their Judge Dredd One:12 Collective figure. Dredd stands 6" tall has extra hands, weapons, fabric uniform. It's interesting that two companies are doing 6" Judge Dredd figures, Mezco and ThreeA. Mezco's Dredd looks like it came out of a comic, but ThreeA's upcoming Dredd will probably have a more realistic look to it. I'll have to hold off until I see ThreeA's version to decide, but they'll both be around the same price, Mezco's is $65. Mezco is also teasing a Lawmaster (ThreeA has also said they have one in production).

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- Shawn - 1/11/15

NECA's 16-bit Predator Coming to Town for a Few Days

At this point NECA has basically made every Predator that made an appearance in Predator 2 and even re-made a couple, but they found at least one more they can release; the Predator's 16-bit videogame appearance. Similar to the previous  videogame inspired 8-bit Predator figure, the City Hunter Pred has been repainted based on the coloring in the Sega Genesis title. The 16-bit inspired paint gives the figure a very cool color scheme of bronze and black with blue highlights, along with the required skull and spine. The Videogame Predator 2 figure will be out in May, for at least a few days.

Predator is in town with a few days to kill and rip out spines.

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- Shawn - 1/10/15

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