1/80 Godzilla Vinyl can be the King of Your Collection

If you've ever wanted a Godzilla that would tower over all your other figures then get ready for Kaiyodo's amazing 1/80 scale Godzilla 1989 vinyl kit. This Godzilla is freaking huge standing at one meter tall and is two meters in length. It's sculpted by Yuki Sakai, the famous Godzilla sculptor, and the detail on this is incredible. There is one thing that would even prevent the biggest Godzilla fan from getting this, though: the price. Godzilla here has a list price of  114,286, which is almost $1,500. At that price you'd think it would already be assembled and painted, but such is not the case. I don't mind having to assemble Big-G, but for that much green Kaiyodo could at least paint him. I can't even imagine how much the shipping on this would be. I can think of a lot of things, a lot of useful things, to spend $1,500 on, but now a huge Godzilla figure can be added to that list. If you somehow actually have the money for Godzilla you can pre-order him at Hobby Link Japan. (via Tomopop)

I think I can safely say that this now makes Godzilla the king of all toys.

The face of a $1,500 Godzilla.

The detail on Godzilla is amazing.

The tail of justice.

For $1,500 the least they could do is paint everything.

Careful, lady. This Godzilla may have cost more than your wedding ring.

- Shawn - 6/4/11