105 Loading Screens from 3D Dot Game Heroes

There are 105 loading screens in the awesome 3D Dot Game Heroes. I didn't know that and I played through the game. Some hero named David Kupfer put together a video showcasing all 105 of the glorious screens. The video is just over 5 minutes long and each screen is on for about a second, so if you see one you like get ready to pause it so you can check it out a little longer. After watching the video I realized that I only saw a small percentage of the screens in my play-through. Loading screens usually aren't fun to sit through, but 3D Dot Game Heroes has some great stills using its fantastic art style. Many of the screens, like the game itself, are filled with homage's to great classic games. Man, this kind of makes me want to play through it again.


- Shawn - 3/28/11