1941: Counter Attack

-Capcom (1990)



The Story

Before Jonathan Striker became a hero fighting Japanese Zeros, he took part in a mission to restore the integrity of history. A European from far in the future traveled back in time to 1941 to try and alter the balance of power early on in the war. He brought back laser technology with him and supplied it to the Axis forces of his ancestry.

Jonathan Striker, a fresh pilot with an exemplary academy record, was ordered to find the men from the future and eliminate them. No one outside a small circle of military leaders was to know about this mission. Knowledge of the advanced weaponry to the world could have spread even greater fear and chaos of the citizens of the warring nations. Thanks to their network of spies, the U.S. obtained the laser technology themselves, so Striker was able to bring a fair fight. Striker needed to defeat this Axis faction before they altered history. Since many buildings were destroyed in Strikerís attack, the mission was recoded as a series of successful bombing runs throughout a few Axis occupied cities.

My Thoughts

This prequel to the 1940s games injects a tiny bit of the future into the mix. The 1940s-esque combat vehicles are equipped with futuristic lasers. Vehicles of this era canít use this kind of advanced weaponry, but its fun to see them try.

Maybe to make the game a little more beatable by the average shooter fan, this game was reduced to six stages. But, the stages are adorned with some interesting flair. One stage has you maneuvering through a narrow canyon with attack boats below and guns emplacements along the sides. Stage three is inside a base where you fly through a corridor aligned with mirrors. Lasers pop out from the floor and fire at the mirrors which deflect the lasers each time they make contact. Youíre never too sure on which direction the lasers will go, you just know it will be towards you. Another stage has you flying through a city where your shots damage and crumble the larges castles you are flying between.

There is the normal shot and the other weapons are mostly new. Two small Zeros can accompany your fighter and lasers are obtainable. There is also a shadow power-up that gives your plane a couple shadows of itself to add more firepower to your usually wimpy supply. Hold down the fire button and the fighter unleashes an array of missiles. The loop technique remains, but now missiles are fired in every direction upon its completion.

For the most part, all the enemies are what you expect from a game coming from this series. The bosses are a battleship, rocket, an oil refinery tank thing, and some airships. The last airship is especially cool and houses the final boss of the game, a future jet fighter. Since there are only six stages, the last couple stages have some big foes that act as mid-bosses to beef up the larger sized enemy count. The game is good, but nothing too spectacular. Iíve seen all this stuff before.


Score: 6.0









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