-Capcom (1984)

Also on: NES


The Story

Jonathan Striker is an ace fighter pilot currently serving on a carrier in the South Pacific Ocean. The aircraft carrier he is serving on is on its way to Japan by way of the Pacific Islands. Everything seems quiet. Suddenly, a strange Tsunami wave crashes upon the carrier, rendering all the planes useless, except his. Striker thinks it's the ancient art of Tsunami Summoning, that he heard about from his father. He has been wanting to discover the art and use it for himself. This may be the chance he's been waiting for. But, right now Striker's first and foremost duty is to take down the entire Japanese Air Force. Single-handedly.


My Thoughts

1942 was the first in Capcom's series of 1940s games. For some reason you start on level 32 and work your way backwards to level 1 as you get closer to Okinawa. There's not a large variety of enemies and there are only four boss fights. All the bosses are the same flying fortress, except for the last one which is a slightly different color. The same repetitious MIDI music plays during every level, which easily gets on your nerves after hearing it through thirty-two stages. You also have limited ‘POW’ power-ups so you'll be using your regular gun for most of the journey. 

The best part about the game is that it introduced the rolling technique to escape overwhelming foes. When I was a kid I played this quite a bit in the arcade. It was really cool being a hero of WWII and taking out the Japanese Air Force by yourself. Compared to shooters that came out shortly after this, this one isn’t anything special. Limited enemies, limited power-ups, and a way-too-short music track continually playing make the game less than spectacular. At least it was fun at the time.

Score: 6.0




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