19XX: The War Against Destiny

-Capcom (1996)



The Story

In 1941, Jonathan Striker defeated a force with technologically advanced weapons from the future. He thought he killed the time traveler responsible, but he was wrong. The time traveler transported back to the future just before his Gotha jet was destroyed. Back in the future this madman made new plans to alter the destiny of his people.

Jonathan Striker though he’d be able to take a little time off to visit his parents back in the States after his impressive victory in the Battle of Midway. He was wrong again. That time bandit came back and brought even more powerful technology with him this time. He has influenced commanders of the European Axis powers to join him in his war against the history books. He wants to end the war early by dropping nukes on the Allied powers. This is a top secret mission that only ace fighter pilot Jonathan Striker can handle.

The Allied forces that obtained the technology last time have been secretly studied it and have developed slightly more powerful weapons for Striker to use in his newest battle. Since he has neglected practicing his Tsunami Summoning, the new weapons will prove to be a great help. This will be Striker’s toughest battle yet, as the enemy forces are spread all throughout Europe. He must destroy their factories and prevent the launch of the nukes that could change the world’s destiny. While en route to the drop point Striker's transport plane is attacked. He barely escapes before the transport becomes a fiery ball speeding towards the sea...

My Thoughts

19XX may introduce two more planes that you can choose to fly but, there isn’t much difference in them from the regular P-38 Lightning. The weapons and abilities of the fighters are the same. They can each use the normal shot, spread missiles, and burst lasers. Each plane can also launch a little lock-on ball on an enemy that allows extra fancy green lasers to attack that foe while you concentrate your fire elsewhere. Sadly, performing loops is a feature left absent in this game. How could they not have put the loop in here? The loop is a staple of the 1940s games.

The bosses are a good mixture consisting of a large plane, a battleship, dual-sided submarine, an ultra-laser locomotive, and a super huge battleship fortress where a mean mech waits in the hull. The final boss is a future plane with some added space tech. All the regular enemies are again, the same type of planes from the previous games, but now they have more added future weaponry.  

As you fight to preserve history, you’ll be flying to places in Europe, Africa, and the Atlantic Ocean. Your fighter will also be able to fly on the edge of space without breaking up. Amazing! The stages are the usual water, jungle, base mix. The stage count is only seven, which may be disappointing for fans of the high number of stages in 1942 and 1943. Again, like 1941, this game is good, but is nothing that will blow you away. That image of your plane flying to the huge battleship fortress is pretty cool, though.


Score: 6.5










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