9 Loose Minutes of the New ThunderCats

Cartoon Network has a 9-minute preview of clips from the new ThunderCats cartoon and, well, it's pretty damn amazing. This is how you bring back an old franchise, not that immensely disappointing Voltron Force. The animation is fantastic, the voice work is excellent, and it appears that the story is going to be a bit darker and more serious than the the original. In case this clip gets taken down before you can watch it, it features poor cats fighting royal cats, Lion-O meeting Cheetara, Wily Kit and and Kat being little thieves, Lion-O and Tigra competing, Lion-O standing up for barbarian lizards, and Lion-O learning about the Sword of Omens from Claudus. Then there's a commercial for ThunderCats after the 9-minutes of thunder-clips. It's all so, so good. So good. Also, there is a hilarious moment at 1:35. The series premiere is July 29th at 8pm on Cartoon Network. Hopefully they'll also be showing this online after it airs. I can't wait.

- Shawn - 7/4/11