A-Label R-Type Rwf-9D Arrow Head Die-cast Has a Big Cannon

A-Label's next awesome R-Type die-cast model has a big-ass cannon on its underside. It's been nearly a year since A-Label's inaugural R-Type ship; I was wondering when they would show off a new one. Well, after a couple convention exclusive repaints of the regular Arrow Head, A-Label reveals the second ship in their Madou-Goukin die-cast line, the Rwf-9D Arrow Head complete with a Defensive Force Unit. Thanks to that extra long cannon the ship is a bit lengthier than the previous model at approximately 18cm (7-inches) long without the Force. You'll be paying through the space-roof for this amazing ship which is 9,600 Yen at AmiAmi. It's on pre-order now and is expected to ship in March 2011. Check out more photos of this lengthy cannoned ship at AmiAmi.

A Defensive Force is recommended when your Arrow Head cannon is that big.

- Shawn - 11/5/10