A Life-Size Valkyrie to Celebrate Macross' 30th Anniversary

Japan has given us such wonders as the life-size Gundam and a life-size Tetsujin 28/Gigantor. Now they grace the world with a life-size Valkyrie to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Macross. From Macross Frontier, the VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie variable fighter 1:1 replica is proudly on half-display at the 30th Anniversary Super Dimension Exhibition going on right now in Japan. The current venue it's at in Tokyo is actually too small for the Valkyrie, so only the cockpit and arms are being shown. Once the show moves to Osaka, then the entire full Gerwalk mode replica will be on display, legs, wings, and all.

Will the full-sized Valkyrie be fully functional once completed? Probably.

As incredible as it is to see a life-size Valkyrie, I'm a little disappointed that they built a fighter from Macross Frontier instead of a Veritech from the original Macross. If it wasn't for the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross, and the subsequent Robotech version of it, Macross wouldn't be as big as it is and I wouldn't be into anime as much. I look forward to seeing the completed Valkyrie in the near future, even if it's not an original Veritech.

It would be great if fans could pose in the hand like if they were getting rescued.

If the cockpit and arms already look this awesome, how amazing will the completed Valkyrie look?

Aside from this life-size piece of pure awesome, there are also life-size statues of Lynn Minmay, Sheryl Nome, and Ranka Lee. It's almost like meeting real-life anime characters. Check out more photos from the exhibit at Anime News Network.

- Shawn - 5/2/12