A Namco Arcade for Your Action Figures

FREEing is making something I've been wanting for a long time; 1/12 scale replicas of Namco arcade cabinets. Coming out in January 2017 are five Namco cabinets based on the original machines. There is my personal favorite, Galaga, along with Pac-Man, Tank Battalion, Rally-X, and Galaxian. The replicas stand approximately 5.5-inches tall and are perfect to set you actions figures with in an awesome arcade diorama.

All the details of the real cabinets look perfectly translated on these mini cabinets. While they don't look to have any lights or sounds, they're fairly reasonably priced at round 2,400 Yen or so. These are up for pre-order at AmiAmi, Hobby Link Japan, and probably other places. I hope this isn't just these five replicas and that's it; I really want to see this line keep going, then I can have a full arcade room diorama.

- Shawn - 10/15/16