A Revolution for SDCC 2017

We were all waiting to see if Hasbro would have a giant Transformers exclusive for SDCC this year, but it doesn't look like Hasbro is going to have a variant Trypticon this year. That's okay, though, because they reveled something better; a Revolution box set based on IDW's universe-changing comic crossover event.

The Revolution Mega-Set includes at least one character from each property from Revolution AND adds an extra with Visionaries. It has Jetfire from Transformers, ROM and a Dire Wraith from ROM, Matt Trakker from M.A.S.K., Roadblock from G.I. Joe, Action Man, nine Micronauts (including mini-baddie Baron Karza), and lastly, not in the comics, but now in the box set is Leoric from Visionaries. This set is awesome.

I'd say the 3.75" ROM figure is the biggest draw here because it's finally a fully articulated ROM action figure and it can hang out with your G.I. Joes; just like in the comics! The Mega-Set will be $99.99 at Hasbro Toy Shop. I'm sure some will probably show up on HasbroToyShop.com after the con too, but with so many different properties in one box, I can see it selling out quick.

Check out bigger images at the SDCC Blog.

- Shawn - 7/14/17