A Shooter with Cats, Girls, Mice, and Canned Tuna

Let's Go! Burunyanman Portable is an upcoming PSP shooter by Alchemist with an unusual plot involving cats, girls, mice, and tuna. The story is that a fatty cat wanted some canned tuna, but didn't find any in his stashes. Logically, he thought mice stole his tuna, so he did what any cat would do; he transformed into a girl and took to the skies to shoot mice that transform into giant girls. I don't know why male cats and mice want to be girls, but it sounds fantastically bizarre and something that could only come out of Japan.

A male cat turns into a girl to shoot mice in UFOs and other mice that also turn into girls. Thank you, Japan.

The cat/girl can also collect other cats on the way to use them as gunpods throughout the game's seven stages, and has a playable friend called Sukunyanman. Apparently this was a mini-game in an eroge visual novel back in 2008, which is probably why you unlock saucy girly pictures after defeating each boss. Check out some more screenshots at Siliconera.

Apparently this is what mice dream of becoming.

- Shawn - 11/15/11