Shawn - Writer / Editor

Shawn's game interests lie in fighting, RPGs, racing, action/adventure, shooters, strategy, platformers, and generally anything good. He enjoys may types of films, comics, and anime. His anime interests include things with giant robots or ninjas or giant robot ninjas. Okay, he does like more shows than just those with giant robot ninjas. See all posts here.

Heidi - Photographer

We love covering conventions, so when we do, Heidi is our main photographer. She takes photos of cosplayers, toys, dioramas, and whatever else pops up at conventions. See all Heidi's photos here.

The Monkey

A big thanks goes to Nate for the groovy monkey and box pic as a part of our logo. Mr. Nate, you rock.

The Ratings

Everything is rated utilizing a simple ten point scale that increases and decreases in increments of 0.5. 10 is something that you should probably have in your collection, 5 is average, and below that reside the games and movies you should most likely try to avoid. Again, 5 is average.

Folding@home team

That's right, DigitalMonkeyBox has its own Folding@home team. If you want to fight the good fight against cancer download Life With PlayStation on your PLAYSTATION 3 (or Folding@home on PC) and set your team number to 55203.


All articles, reviews, and photos taken by our staff is copyright material. It may not be used without permission. And just because you say you've given us credit doesn't allow you the use of our hard work. A death ray may be used to enforce our policy at any time.

Paul - Former Writer

Paul is currently running The Robots Pajamas found here.