After Burner II (Mobile)

-Sega Mobile (2005)

-Played on a Motorola Rokr

The Story

An organization bent on world domination has developed a device that can control the weather. The deserts are now seas, there are tsunamis on land, and penguins in the Grand Canyon. You must destroy their weather satellite. Be careful. With their limitless funds they have three armies worth of jets just waiting for the chance to target your afterburners.


My Thoughts

The After Burner games were some of the most unique arcade shooters for their time, especially when housed in the moving cockpit arcade cabinet. It made the games really stand out and made them popular among the arcade crowd. Now, After Burner II has found its way onto retro gamingís newest favorite platform, the cell phone.

From the start up, After Burner II resembles its arcade and console counterparts. While the graphics do take a hit, they are still pretty decent. The F-14ís unlimited ammo-filled guns are on continual auto-fire and it holds an impressively impossible stock of ninety-nine missiles. Flying the targeting reticule over an enemy automatically locks on a missile. If shot off in time it will destroy the target with a nice explosion poof. After every few levels a transport plane will refuel your missiles. Points are earned by simply flying.

At the beginning of a new level the environment will dramatically shift. It will be a clear blue sky one second and a frosty winter, hot desert, or night time the next. Does the evil organization Iím fighting have a weather machine? For a little variety, some stages feature environmental hazards. Jagged cliffs must be expertly flown though and oil rigs can be shot down for a clear fly zone.

In one of the menu screens there are objectives listed for missions one though three. Two of them are to destroy satellite links, and the third is to destroy an aircraft carrier, yet I never saw anything besides planes, copters and missiles in the game. This other stuff must be cloaked or maybe Iím completing the missions in spirit.

Like many wireless games though, this does have a few issues. For the most part the flight controls were okay, but the F-14 seemed a little slow while piloting at times. There were also a few instances when the jet didnít respond at all to my button press and a missile met the tip of my nose. After Burner II is a prime example that games with enemies scaling in and out are difficult to translate well on a cell phone. It is too hard to tell where they really are in relation to you. There is also no save or stage select feature, so youíll need to fly through as many stages as you can in whatever limited time you have. After Burner II is a nice attempt at bringing back a classic, but there are better games out there.

Score: 5.5



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