Air Gallet

-Banpresto (1996)



The Story

An obviously evil organization calling themselves the Angels of Death have just taken over six major cities across the globe. Tokyo has been compromised, Paris is under siege, and New York is a war zone. Too many innocent lives have been lost. You and your wingman Johnny will take your tricked-out jets and save the world from the Angels of Death.     



My Thoughts

“Air Gallet blows your socks off!” At least, that’s what the announcer promises on the title screen. Does it? I had to find out how far my socks would be blown, if at all, because that's a pretty bold promise.

The player one plane is a modified F-22 and player two gets a modified F-18. Your power-ups increase the destructiveness of vulcan cannons, lasers, hunter-spreads, and missiles. You’ll want to avoid collecting the hunter-spread power-up though, because it isn’t actually that useful. All the enemies are modified versions of real-life military crafts, and they have evil SR-71s. I love SR-71s, especially when they’re evil. The bosses all look really cool and have that possible-in-real-life look.

This game does have one of the most unique final bosses I’ve seen in a shooter. It’s a statue of the Angel of Death killing six naked men. The statue has eight ports (one on her breast) that shoot varying types of weapons. During your fight the coloration of the statue changes with the flames that rise in the background and it looks great. When you destroy the statue a fighter with a skull on it is revealed. The whole fight has an ominously apocalyptic feel to it and is a very good final battle. Another cool thing in the final stage is when your aircraft carrier runs full speed into a giant mech, crushing the buildings behind it. It’s a nice scripted event and an unexpected surprise. 

Another surprise is in the opening cinema, which shows the army invading and attacking various cities. When they show New York you get to see one of the World Trade Center towers exploding and crumbling after an attack. That is definitely not something that would get put in a game in the world today. At the beginning of each stage your pilot converses with headquarters and you'll hear the classic line, “I have a bad feeling about this…" a couple times. The only negative is that the game ends like a bad sitcom. “When I get back Johnny, I’m gonna take a nice hot shower.”  “Yes sir. You deserve it!” Ugh, I can almost hear the laugh track. Besides that, Air Gallet is an excellent game. My socks have been blown off.                       

Score 9.0     












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