Air Raid

-FT Mobile (2004)

-Played on a Motorola V265


The Story

The war is almost over. We lost. Our forces have been eliminated and our supplies are depleted. All we have left is a single anti-aircraft turret in a barren desert. But we will still not give up! We will fight to protect our small square of land with our lone oversized turret. If we fail, at least we’ll go down fighting like men! 


My Thoughts

Why are you trying to fend off an enemy attack on an empty piece of desert? Is this a matter of pride or just plain idiocy? In a way, Air Raid is similar to Missile Command except you have only one gun. Plus, you’re not defending the free world against nukes, just a piece of devoid and useless land against planes and choppers. 

The turret rotates in an upward half circle by pressing right and left. You’ll fight a total of fifteen levels consisting of waves of helicopters, transport copters, cargo planes, paratroopers, jets, and bombs. The only thing I found remotely entertaining was the blood splatter when the paratroopers were shot.

To help spice things up, two of the levels are night raids. Yes, night raiding, my friends. In these stages, two searchlights move around the sky trying to find the hidden helicopters of the night. Explosions light up the entire sky for a second to give you a brief glimpse of your current situation. It's a nice little change, but does not do enough to help out an already boring game.  

Congratulations are in order if you manage to actually sit through the entire game. I wanted to stop after level two, but I saw it through to its uneventful end. You should not do the same.

Score: 3.0




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