Air Strike 1944: Flight for Freedom

-Gameloft (2006)

-Played on a Motorola Slvr


The Story

The Nazis were known for conducting grotesque and inhuman experiments on human subjects many of them being their own soldiers. One of their mid-grade tacticians, General Darkstein, was killed and the Nazi scientists saw an opportunity. They experimented on his corpse and were successful. Darkstein’s was brought back to life. He spoke of fantastic technology when he arose such as a walking tank and guns that used colored light weapons. He said he learned of it when he was dead, but how that was possible was beyond the scientists comprehension. Darkstein began work on a futuristic machine of his own and amassed his own personal army.

It is now up to one of three ace pilots to destroy Darkstein and his powerful weapons. P.T Wilder, E. Freeman, and E. Campbell will have to play a no-holds-barred game of rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to fight, because in the end it really doesn’t matter. 

My Thoughts

Air Strike 1944 is the next game in Gameloft’s own series of 1940’s themed overhead shooters. The game is very similar to Siberian Strike (AKA Assault Wings 1944). It has the same visual style and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gameloft just took many of the in-game models from Siberian and reused them here. The game also plays the same. You collect power-ups, fight a boss, and fly fast through a couple obstacle ridden stages.

There are three pilots to choose from, each with slightly different speeds, weapon styles, and power. Their dialogue in the story snippets throughout the game, on the other hand, is exactly the same no matter who you choose. This makes playing the game through with another character pointless unless you just want to try to beat it with everyone. Once you do complete the game you can choose to play as Darkstein himself in a super cool black almost-future plane. Why would he fight his own army you ask? Because he’s an insane evil zombie Nazi, of course.

Power-ups are identical to those found in Siberian Strike. You have weapons upgrades, shields, missiles, and wingmen. This time the wingmen are not the generic and nameless planes from before, but the other two main characters. It's a nifty little addition. The all-important auto-fire can be activated so all you need to do is dodge enemy fire and planes.

There are a total of nine stages, but not every stage has a boss to fight. The first level boss is a cool sequence of a large bomber bombing a city’s buildings as you fight it. There is also a large combat train, a mammoth super tank, and Darkstein in a flying tank mech.

Air Strike 1944 isn’t anything new or original, but it does improve on the style and play of Gameloft’s previous shooter efforts. Best of all it's not divided into multiple parts like Assault Wings 1944. You know something, I never did see any of the downloads for the other parts of that game. Gameloft must have gave up on it.

Score: 7.0








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