Akai Katana Pilot Training Orientation Video

The U.S. release of Cave's Akai Katana looming on next week's horizon, around May 15th or so, and Rising Star Games have released a pilot training video for everyone to orientate themselves with the controls of the game. It includes such valuable advice as "Use the D-pad to move your character... to avoid oncoming enemies and bullets," and "Press the B button to use a bomb." Thanks for the great advice? It does go over the different types of attacks and where exactly the hit-box is, which is good to know. This video might be good for anyone who has never played a shooter before, but as much as I want Akai Katana to sell a million copies, I only see the established shooter fans picking this up. Anyways, it's out next week. Be sure to buy Akai Katana so we can see more Cave shooters for the U.S. in the future.

- Shawn - 5/10/12