Alien vs. Predator

-Capcom (1994)




Aliens have landed on Earth and its up to a team of Predators and humans to put a stop to the Alien menace.

My Thoughts

The task of reviewing the Predator films got me into a Predator frenzy. My like of the skull collecting bastards hit a peak, so I fired up Mame32 to kick some ass with Alien VS Predator the arcade game. I love side scrolling beat-em-ups, and this game is a throwback to all the great ones that used to clog the ancient lost land known as the arcade.

He was...what???

There are four character choices, and since four Predators would be boring, you get two Preds and two humans. The two humans are cool, but I always prefer being a Pred if the option is there. The two Predators are both similar with the biggest difference between them being their looks. The Warrior Predator is the traditional movie type version and is armed with his staff and shoulder cannon. The hunter predator is a fancier Pred with a cool looking staff and the same cannon.

The humans are both unique enough to warrant co-starring with the Predators. Major Schaefer is the big, slow, tank-like character found in many games of this type. He's got robotic attachments added to his big Ďroid enhanced frame, which make him a damn powerhouse.  The other human, Lieutenant Kurosawa is the fast, but weak character we've all come to know and love. Plus she's Japanese, so all you Asian girl obsessed guys should like her.

Schaefer laments the loss of his alternative lifestyle partner.

One of the cool things about the weapons (for the Preds and the girl) is that they can be knocked out of the owners hands and disappear if not picked up. They also can be picked up and used by the other player if you've got your multiplayer groove on. In addition to the main weapons, Aliens vs. Predator has some that can be picked off the ground and used for short periods of time. Aside from the typical knife there's the marine pulse rifle and smart gun. Itís a really odd image and a little out of character when a Predator picks up a pulse rifle and begins blasting away. My favorite weapon to find is the almighty disc. You can throw it and catch it quite a few times if youíre careful. Damn, I love that boomerang buzz-saw action.

The plot is fairly straight forward. You fight for survival, and then find out...gasp...humans are experimenting on Aliens, and their experiments have gone awry! How many times does this franchise have to recycle the same damn story?

Go for the sack!

Like most 2D beat-um-ups it suffers the problems that 90% of other beat-um-ups face. The enemies are recycled multiple times and it grows repetitious in the long run, and aside from all the cool Aliens and Predator stuff it also isn't that original. It's got all the same food types, it's got the same boss fights, and a million other things that make it very familiar. There are a few times that the standard killing action is broken up, but there isn't enough to make it seem new. Under the surface this is the same game made a dozen times before. Still itís good at what it is.

Since this is a tried and true arcade game, its challenges are limited. You only need a couple of hundred quarters to get through. But even with the flaws inherent in the game, itís a fun ride nonetheless.

Score:  8.0



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