Aliens Mostly Minimate at Night. Mostly

Diamond Select Toys is bringing us Aliens Minimates, but not with any of the big-name characters we would expect in the first series. The first series includes Dropship Pilot Spunkmeyer, Colonial Marine Wierzbowski, and Carter Burke, along with three different varieties of Xenomorph: closed mouth, tongue extended, and battle damaged. Man, what a weird selection of characters for the first series. Spunkmeyer, Burke, and Wierzbowski? I never thought we'd ever see action figures of any of these characters. We can only hope that a Dropship vehicle is in production for Spunkmeyer to pilot.

Ripley, Hicks, Hudson, and Newt are probably coming in future assortments, so for now enjoy some corporate sleaze and characters with a couple minutes of screen time.

I guess the bigger names won't be appearing until Series 2. Ripley and Newt Minimates were on display at SDCC 2013 and NYCC 2013, so they should be in a future assortments. The Xenomorphs look phenomenal and I can see fans building an army of them. Going by Diamond Select's assortment numbers it looks like there will be some Alien two-packs in the cases, so get a ton of Aliens. Now then, when is a Jonsey Minimate coming?

- Shawn - 1/18/14