Archives of 2009

Merry Christmas, Here’s Shooting Game Historica 4

8-Bit Dark Void is Real

Mega Man 10 first Trailer

The Galaga Hallmark Ornament

Red Leader Joins Master Chief and the Cast of Halo Series 8

Söldner-X 2 Intensifies the Bullet Dodging

Mega Man 10 Remaining Retro

Ibuki Becomes Legendary

VGR: Valken Gets a Boost and More Thunder Force V

News Roundup for December '09

Mortal Kombat is Not a Tournament

Morrigan is a Sexy Man? And Ryu is a Robot?

A-Label R-Type RWF-9A Die-cast Guarantees Hyphens

NECA Nearly Confirms Little Sister Being Sold by Herself

Noby Noby Watch: Jupiter

Halo Series 7 Will Drive to the Target

BioShock 2 Special Edition Brings the Vinyl

Finally: Heavenly Sword and Twisted Metal Action Figures

Metal Gear Rex by threeA Toys Makes You "!"

New Darkstalkers Comics in January

Halo Legends Will be on Blu-ray

Mai's Outfit is not Made For Flight

SGH: Thunder Force V Perfect Box and Robotics SP

Toro and Kuro Get Evicted

Namco Zippos Forget Galaga

News Roundup for November '09

Next Silver Hawk Bursts Forth from Darius Burst Screens

Best Custom Air Man Figure Ever

Optimus Prime Steam Locomotive Custom

Sega Zippos Light My Fire

Hasbro Bringing Masterpiece Grimlock to U.S.

Custom Gundam is Handy, Impossible to Kill

My Xbox 360 E74ed Today

KOF Sky Stage Adds Iori and Kula to its Ridiculousness

'Captain' Lou Albano

Rush Rush Rally Racing Deluxe Edition Rushing In

Darius Burst Trailer Reveals and All-new Silverhawk

G.I. Joe Resolute DVD Marches out Nov. 3rd

Video Game Robotics on the Grid

Once Upon a Pixel: BioShock

Mushihime-sama Futari will be Region-Free

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Breast Bouncing: The Ad

Söldner-X 2 Announced

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Breast Bouncing Action

Dreamcast is 10 Today

Mushihime-sama Futari Ver. 1.5 Trailer

News Roundup for September '09


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Puts Breast Physics in the Palm of Your Hand

An AT-ST Made for Two

RayStorm HD Trailer

Darius Points its Silverhawks to the sky and BURSTS Towards the PSP Heavens

Ticker Appearance Does Not Bode Well For Little Sister

Cheek-to-Cheek with SOTA's Cammy Double Statue

Mushihimesama Futari Ver. 1.5 and Espgaluda II Black Label on Xbox 360

NECA's Space Engineer with Poor Posture Action Figures

Inglorious Plummers are Basterds

Street Fighter IV Voice Strap On Your Phone

The Ballad of G.I. Joe

SDCC '09 Displays and Sights Gallery

SDCC '09: Sideshow Collectibles

SDCC '09: Transformers

SDCC '09: Halo

SDCC '09: Dr. Horrible Crushed the Robotech Dreams of a Dying Old Man

News Roundup for August '09

SDCC '09 Cosplay Gallery


SDCC '09: Capcom

SDCC '09 Capcom Fighting Games Panel

Sir Om-Nom-Nom Nomed Comic-con

SDCC '09: Lost Planet 2 Panel

I Hugged Gaius Baltar and was Buddies with Drunk Colonel Tigh

Medium-Sized Armored Enemy Soldier Machine Can Not be Monotone!!

NECA Begins Their Street Fighter IV Repaints

Capcom Bringing Giant Salamanders to Comic-con

The Tale of Metal Gear Solid

Gratuitous Space Battles' Space Battles are Gratuitous

July 2009 New Roundup

Raiden IV Pre-order Love

A Very Girly Gundam

Dreamcast Keeps on Shootin' with Dux and Pink Bullets

NECA's Street Fighter IV Series 2 "Battle" Images

Japan's Second Life-size Giant Robot is Tetsujin 28

The Most Epic Mega Man 2 and Final Fantasy Raps Ever

Tekken 6's Marshall Law Just Shat Himself

Halo Series 6 Exclusives Remain Chief-less

Halo Mongoose Trilogy

Medium-Sized Armored Enemy Soldier Machine Can Not be Harmed!!

Halo Series 6 Earns a Medal

E3 2009 Booths and Sights Gallery

E3 2009 Booth Babes

June '09 News Roundup

E3 2009 Impressions

The Booty of E3 '09

Noby Noby Watch: Mars

A Trio of NECA SDCC 2009 Exclusives

VGR: Assault Suit Leynos Robo-Sanitized

Video Game Robotics Series 1

News Roundup for May '09

L, Change the WorLd: Theater Review

Yujin Robotics Break Boarders

King of Fight... er... s... Shooters?

ExoSquad's Dancing Girl Portable

SGH3SP: In the Hunt for a Four-legged Wolf Fang Mech

Klonoa is Like Whoa

Grifball Spartan SDCC '09 Exclusive

Yujin Reveals New Robotics Series with Cybernator (aka Valken)

Yujin Presents: Squids!

Game Fuel Returns!

Shooting Game Historica 3 SP

Halo Series 5 Changes with Guardian Armor Slayers Deluxe

SGH3 Wolf Fang Mech: The Comet

WonderCon '09 Cosplay Gallery

Vic Viper Models Shoot Summer's Core

Ketsui Shoots its Rock Shots Off at Xbox 360

WonderCon 2009: Panels and Booths

L, Change the WorLd in Theaters: SubtitLed and Dubbed

Street Fighter IV at WonderCon '09

Cyborg Mice at WonderCon

Why I Didn't Get Mark Hamill's Autograph at WonderCon

SGH3: Raiden Mk II Powers Up

Noby Noby Watch: The Moon

Mega Man 9 Press Kit: Mission Accomplished

Raiden Fighters Aces Box Art

Sega's Tiny Arcade

New Halo, Street Fighter, and More at Toy Fair '09

Halo Wars Series 2 Figures

There's a New Xbox "Masseuse" in Town

Watch the Autobots Roll Out Like Pros

Cowabungas are Even More Radical in 1080p

The Sackboy Figure Sack Attack Begins

Halo Wars Mega Bloks Finish the Block-Building Fight For You

News Roundup for February '09

Road Signs Warn of Zombies

Your Xbox 360 "Personal Massager"

G.I. Joe Movie Posters Face Off

Final Fight Returns in Udon's Street Fighter II Turbo

Halo Points Redemption Begins

Resistance Figures by DC Unlimited

SkullSplitter Repaint Canceled (and a Word on Darkstalkers)

The Legends of Paradise Revealed

Zangief Chronicles

Battlestar Galactica Season 4.0 DVD Sets

News Roundup for January '09