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Gundam: The Universal Credit Card

Download the Mass Effect Coloring and Activity Book

G.I. Joe Renegades Episode 3 Review

Transformers Prime Episodes 3, 4, and 5 Review

Mega Man Gets His Tribute

Muchi Muchi Pork and Pink Sweets will be Region-Free

Germany Launches Strumwind to Battle Space Octopus

News Roundup for December 2010

G.I. Joe Renegades Premiere Review

Transformers Prime Premiere Review

DoDonPachi / Ketsui Crossover of Awesome

Swat Kats Get Radical on DVD

Every Arnold Scream from Every Arnold Movie

Galaga, Yars' Revenge, and Sonic Wings Triple Shot-o-Shooter News

The Moon is Purple in Eschatos

R-Type Die-cast Arrow Head in Black and Red

News Roundup for November 2010

Revoltech Red Blade Liger Sees Red

A-Label R-Type Rwf-9D Arrow Head Die-cast Has a Big Cannon

Vertical Shooter Gets Wider and Longer on PS3

Mechs Overdose on Bullets in Seisou Kouki Strania

Darius Burst Parts Bursting All Over the Place

Storm Shadow Trooper Custom

Trouble Witches Neo Has a Cat With Wings That Shoots Magic

Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu Laser Dog Tags

Metal Slug Lego RC Tank is Double X Awesome

Halo: Reach Series 2 Advances Early and Series 3 Announced

Kotobukiya is Making an Ikaruga Model

Guwange to Shoot Up Xbox Live Arcade

Shooting Gameside is a Magazine About Shooters

Zombies Infest Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Trek, and Ghostbusters

New Mega Man Comic Coming from Archie Comics

Sony Minimates, Halo: Reach, and Mass Effect 2 Figures at NYCC

Frank West Bobble Budd Has a Tiny Camera

Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury Delayed to Add More Missiles

News Roundup for October 2010

First 4 Figures' Metroid Prime Gunship Arrives with LEDs

Gradius Strategically Shoots the Phone Core

BioShock 2's Subject Omega and Busted Bunny Mask Boxed

Pokémon: Apokélypse Trailer

Ghost in a Ghost Part 2: Pac-Man Has Friends on Reach

Radiant Silvergun on Xbox 360 in 2011

Stormtrooper Super Shogun '70s Commercial is Solid

Street Fighter High: The Musical

Ghost in a Ghost

Steve Blum's Starscream Voice

Gaia Seed and Cho Aniki on PSN Soon

News Roundup for September '10

DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu Xbox 360 Trailer

H.A.W.X. 2 Goes 8-Bit

Metal Gear Pony, Solid Snake Pony

Bangai-O, DoDonPachi, Space Invaders, and Bullet Soul Quad Shot-o-Shooter News

The Next Bobble Budd is Chuck Greene

Mass Effect 2 Series 2 Figures in the Catalog of the Shadow Broker

Play Arts Kai Halo Reach Photos Fall from Square Enix

Bullet Soul on the Attack in Bullet Hell

Mass Effect M8 Avenger Assault Rifle Replica is Impressive

Mega Man Vs. Street Fighter: Dhalsim Stage

Wear a Broken Rabbit Mask When you Play With Big Daddy

Mass Effect 2 Inbound to PS3

Suda 51 Brings Us Sine Mora

Cave Resurrects DoDonPachi, Pink Sweets, and Muchi Muchi Pork

McFarlane Toys Announces Halo Reach Series 2

The Luke Building His Lightsaber Scene Does Exist

Video Game Robotics SP and 2 at Comiket 78

T-ARTS' Thunder Force V Booth at Comiket 78

Video Game Robotics 2 Prototypes and Silhouettes

SDCC '10 Cosplay Gallery

SDCC '10: Miscellaneous Sights and Displays Gallery

SDCC '10: To Panel or Not to Panel

McFarlane Toys' Halo Reach Warthog, Ghost... and Four-Pack?

SDCC '10: Cheaters and Bishoujo at Kotobukiya

SDCC '10: District 9

SDCC '10: GI Joe and Transformers at the Hasbro Booth

SDCC '10: Sideshow Collectibles

SDCC '10: A Slice of DC Unlimited and DC Direct Figures


Darius Burst Brings Back True Widescreen Gaming

Video Game Robotics 2 Brings You Glory... and a Girl?

SDCC '10: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker by Square Enix

SDCC '10: Capcom Earns That S-Rank

SDCC '10: Halo Reach

SDCC '10: One Question with Todd McFarlane About Halo Figures

SDCC '10: Awkward Moment / Awesome Moment Featuring Artgerm

SDCC '10: Kojima

Grobda Tank Gets Xevious'd

SDCC Halo Reach Exclusive is a Noble Chap

Scorpion Plays the Mortal Kombat Theme on an Accordion

Art of Capcom 2 Hardcover at SDCC

Halo Reach Cannon Fodder Figures

T-ART'S' Green Ambition for Robotics SP and Thunder Force V

First Söldner-X 2 Expansion Will be the Last

The Fall of Halo Reach Figures Begins

News Roundup for July '10

SDCC 2010 Exclusives List

DoDonPachi and Ketsui Models are Things That Exist

Seacons Re-Emerge to Make Your Eyes Bleed

AT-AT Day Afternoon

Oscar the Bionic Cat

First Photos of McFarlane Toys' Halo Reach Ghost

Darksiders Art Book and Statue Debut at SDCC

Tron Legacy Toys are From the Future

Shooting Game Historica 4 Shine Get!

Otomedius at E3 is Rather Excellent

Arkham Asylum Series 2: More Bat, No Croc

Gundemonium Collection and Space Invaders: Infinity Gene Double-Shot of Shooter News

Mortal Kombat Some-Kind-of-Rebirth Trailer

When You Force Voltron, Voltron Forces Back

News Roundup for June '10

Starscream Gets Nerdy in BotCon 2010 Promo Video

Mega Man Community Event

ThunderCats are Re-loosed

Shockwave Has the Touch

Because You Demanded It: Facebook

Bear McCreary Scores SOCOM 4

Duck Hunt Behind-the-Scenes

Generation 1 Unicron Returns

NECA's Big Sister/Little Sister SDCC'10 Exclusive

Helghast Force DC Direct into the Killzone

NECA's Little Teaser for Little/Big Sister SDCC Exclusive

Batman: Arkham Asylum Figures Break Out Early

Kotobukiya Mega Man is Mega-Rad

Revoltech Blade Liger and Geno Breaker Re-Ignites Zoids

New Gundam Anime About Building Gundam Models. Seriously.

ChumBuddy is Your New Sleeping Bag

News Roundup for May '10

Super Mario Bros. Crossover Would Blow My Mind in 1988

Juri Sees What You Do in the Dark

Halo Minimates are Mini

McFarlane Toys Makes Halo: Reach Legendary

Subject Delta Plush Knows the Time to Kill - and to Cuddle

Lost Planet 2: Project Icebox

Play Arts Kai Snake Images Sneak Online

WonderCon '10: Some Random Thoughts

WonderCon 2010 Cosplay Gallery

SGH: Thunder Force V Perfect Display System

WonderCon '10: Resident Evil: Afterlife

Square-Enix is Making Metal Gear

WonderCon '10: Capcom

WonderCon '10: Sir Om-Nom-Nom Nomed WonderCon

News Roundup for April '10

WonderCon '10: Alien Vs. Stormtrooper Wolverine

Secret Spartan Sighted

The Expendables Trailer

Sir Om-Nom-Nom Noms Australia

Blu-ray - G.I. Joe is There

Metal Gear Solid Finally Gets its Dew

Kotobukiya Mega Man Prototype

GDC '10

Halo Series 8 Glows in the Dark

GDC '10: Steve Wiebe

GDC '10: Zombrex

Air Man's Theme on Piano

Battlestar Galactica + Beastie Boys Sabotage

Two Lost Planet 2 Figures Will be Hard to Find

News Roundup for March '10

Silpheed Model is Less Polygonal, More Amazingly Detailed

Listen up Maggots, Here's the SDCC Sgt. Slaughter Exclusive

First Look at ODST Figure and Mongoose in VISR Mode

Bring the Bass, Cue the Treble

VGR: Desert Camo Valken Now Deploying

Halo Points No More

Rotobox Panda-Z: Too Awesome for Mass Production

Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch Trailer

Ryo Hazuki Driving a Forklift!

McFarlane Toys' Warthog Looks as Expected: Awesome

Shockwave Escalates the War For Cybertron

Mass Effect 2 Figures Get Some Reconstructive Surgery

News for February '10

Big Daddy Plush Doll is a Hodgepodge of Broken Dreams

Dragon Age: Origins Figures Awaken

The Ultimate in Mega Man 10 Art

SGH4: X-002's Arms of Articulated Destruction

McFarlane Toys Announces Halo: Reach Figures and In-Scale Vehicles

Lost Planet 2 Action Figures by Kotobukiya

Hello Kitty Prints Her Own Money

Blanka Helps Haiti

DeathSmiles on America

Mega Man 10 Bosses Revealed Part 2

Mega Man 10 Bosses Revealed (Part 1)

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom's Ultimate Mini Shooter

News Roundup for January '10

Shooting Game Historica 4 Renders

Does Mrs. Claus Have More Fun as a Blonde?

DC Unlimited Bring Down the Mass Effect 2 Figures