ThreeA's Metal Gear RAY Prototype Scanned

Normandy Replicas En Route from Mass Effect 1

Hideous R-Type Kits Emerge from Treasure Festa

Shooting Game Historica Reboots

Street Fighter X Mega Man is Capcom Approved

Geeks for Tots 2012: Donate, Feel Good, and Win

Hello Kitty is Down Right Fierce as Street Fighter Characters

News for December '12

Predators Series 8 Gets to da Choppa

NECA Has 3.75" Gears of War Figures Incoming

Guile and Ibuki Perform a Play Arts Kai Combo

News for November '12

Galaga Fighter Model Doubles its Firepower

Under Defeat HD Gets a New Red Chopper and Amazon Exclusivity

Master Chief Rides a Hunter Unto Dawn Statue

White Play Arts Kai Raiden Does it Konami Style

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward OVA Short

Capture a Galaga Fighter Model from Wave

Claptrap Wub Wubs in Blue

News for October '12

Halo 4 Series 1 Gets Extended

Mass Effect's Sovereign Has Come to Reap

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition Trailer

Game Fuel Returns to Double Master Chief's XP

ThunderCats' Evil Mutants Minimates Plunder NYCC '12

Commander Shepard's Favorite Bishoujo

ThreeA's Metal Gear REX Box

Who is Minimate? Kuma is Minimate! How can that be?!

Kojima Reveals White Raiden and Revoltech Ardjet at TGS

Kojima Exposes His Naked Jehuty

Street Fighter Monopoly Throws a Hadouken at Go

News for September '12

SDCC '12: Cosplay

SDCC '12: Random Celebrity Sightings and Capcom Producers

Ginga Force has a Trailer and is Region Free

SDCC '12: Random Sights and Displays

SDCC '12: Masters of the Universe Classics

Under Defeat HD Goes Deluxe in U.S. and Europe

SDCC '12: Hasbro - Marvel

Shooting Gameside Vol. 5 Thunders Forth

Mass Effect Alliance Fighter Enters the Replica Firefight

Kojima Posts More Photos of ThreeA's Metal Gear REX

SDCC '12: The Hoff and K.I.T.T. at Mattel

SDCC '12: Joker Cat and Other DC Collectibles

SDCC '12: Mega Man and Street Fighter Bobble Budds

SDCC '12: Ni No Kuni Wizard's Edition

SDCC '12: Willy Wonka at Profiles in History

SDCC '12: Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates

SDCC '12: Sideshow Collectibles

SDCC '12: Hasbro - Transformers

SDCC '12: Kotobukiya

SDCC '12: ThreeA

SDCC '12: Square Enix Play Arts Kai

SDCC '12: Syd Mead at the Sega Arcade

SDCC '12: ThunderCats Minimates and Polystone Statues

ThreeA Dropping Carter and Spartan Commando Halo Figures

SDCC '12: Hasbro G.I. Joe


SDCC '12: The Behemoth's Necromancer Cometh

SDCC '12: Super7 to Make New Alien Figures from Over 30 Years Ago

SDCC '12: All the Batmobiles

SDCC '12: Godzilla Explodes Upon the Con

SDCC '12: Night Shadow Leonardo and other TMNTs

SDCC '12: Street Fighter X Sanrio - Round 1, Fight!

SDCC '12: Adrianne Curry as Raptor Jesus

A Bronze Normandy Docking at SDCC

The New ED-209 Revealed in OmniCorp Ad

Red Cyborg Ninja Unlocked at SDCC

Hello Kitty Spinning Bird Kicks it as Chun Li at SDCC

Element Daughter 01 Crushes a DoDonPachi Ship in the Palm of Her Hand

Halo Micro Ops Reach High Ground

ThunderCats Minimates Get Loose at SDCC '12

Have a Delicious Sandvich at SDCC '12

Ezio is Feeling Blue at SDCC '12

ThreeA/Valve Companion Square Box Preview

Play Arts Kai Batman and Joker Black & White SDCC Exclusives

Halo 4 Series 1 Figures Emerge from the Cryotube

Marvel Vs. Capcom Hardcover at SDCC'12

Fanime '12 Cosplay

Qute Announces Dramatic Vertical Shooter Ginga Force

Some Kind of Super Elite Theron at SDCC '12

Fanime '12: Some Random Things

SDCC '12 Exclusive Shockwave HISS and Jinx Packaging Images

Fanime '12 Arcade

NECA's SDCC '12 Exclusive Sepia Hero Ash

Fanime '12: Bluefin Tamashii Nations

ThreeA/Valve Companion Square is an SDCC '12 Exclusive

NECA's SDCC '12 Exclusive Cloaked City Hunter Predator

DoDonPachi Element Daughter 01 Action Figure Incoming

Kojima Posts New Photos of ThreeA's Metal Gear RAY

Big Wow '12: Cosplay

Big Wow '12: Toshio Maeda

Big Wow '12: Some Random Things

News for May '12

Akai Katana Pilot Training Videos Show How to Score

New Halo 4 Enemies and Master Chief Figure to Debut at SDCC '12?

Gundam Unicorn Adds Episode 7

Jazwares Hammers out Shao Kahn and Reptile

Godzilla Set to Explode Upon SDCC

Akai Katana Pilot Training Orientation Video

Brock Samson eats Cylons for Lunch at SDCC

Sprite Gets Refreshingly Xevious'd

The Expendables 2 Debut Trailer

A Life-Size Valkyrie to Celebrate Macross' 30th Anniversary

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Figures Continue the War into 2013

Bruticus and Zombie Cliffjumper Fall from Cybertron to SDCC

Revoltech Jehuty Powers Up

Metal Gear REX Light-up Railgun Video from ThreeA's Re-Venture

Metal Gear RAY, Atlas, Peabody, and Carter at ThreeA's Re-Venture

Darkstalkers Ultimate Edition Pussyfoots into a Hardcover

A Double Tap of G.I. Joe Retaliation Trailers

ThreeA Drops a Halo: Reach Carter Teaser

Mass Effect 3 Play Arts Kai Figures Do Not Include a Mechdog Companion

Expendables Minimates will be the Manliest Minimates Ever

There are New Photos Available of Packaged Borderlands Figures

DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Trailer

Kojima Says Play Arts Kai Solidus is "Pretty Big"

ThreeA & Valve Tease 12 Inches of Peabody

Street Fighter X Tekken and Tomb Raider Minimates Crossing Lines at C2E2

Akai Katana USA Trailer has a Game Over Screen

News for April '12

Kaneda's Motorcycle Cruising Across Japan

Kotobukiya's Jehuty Model Upgrades to HD

Transformers' New Transforming Noise is Wub Wub

Akai Katana U.S. and Europe Teaser Trailer

ThreeA/Valve Affair Begins with Companion Square

WonderCon '12

ShiftyLook Gets Xevious'd

GDC '12

GDC'12: Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment

Mushihimesama HD: First Trailer

Second Chance for ThreeA's Metal Gear REX

ThunderCats Return to Re-Loosen Themselves

The Monkey's News Box: March '12

ThreeA Metal Gear REX VOX Special

Kotobukiya Launching a Zone of the Enders Vic Viper Model

Street Fighter Combos Monopoly Properties

Play Arts Kai Raiden Rising from Kojima

ThreeA Metal Gear REX Hits March 2nd

Heaven Variant has a Touch of Einhänder

Toy Fair 2012 Goodness

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Toys Begin Their Descent

Destro Drives Shockwave to SDCC with Soundwave

Mass Effect Tactics Should Look Like This

Spawn 20th Anniversary Statue has a  9:9:9:9 Power Level

The Monkey's News Box for February '12

DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Wears Less for More Intense Bullet Hell

Shooting Gameside Vol. 4 Gets to da Choppa

Shockwave Teams-up with Cobra at SDCC

Mushihimesama HD Brings More Bullet-Hell Bugs to Xbox 360

New and Classic TMNT Figures Raise Some Shell

Kojima Sneaks Shots of Meryl and Solidus

Halo Anniversary Series 2 has a Guilty Package

Shooting Gameside Vol. 0 Gets Xevious'd

Rising Star Shoots into U.S. with Akai Katana

Sine Mora Plans to Reboot the Genre... with Difficulty Settings?

McFarlane Toys Announces Halo 4, Micro Ops, and Avatars

Asura's Six-Armed Bobble Budd of Wrath

DeathSmiles' Casper Gets Some New Color

Kojima Posts New Photos of ThreeA's Metal Gear REX

Mass Effect 3 Figures Catch Big Fish with Exclusive DLC

MVC3 Minimates Series 3 Walks the God Dog

Noby Noby Watch: Uranus

Halo: Reach Series 6 Changes its Options with Flaming Skulls

Battlestar Galactica: The 16-bit RPG

ThreeA Zaku Pre-Order Shots

Star Fox 64 Toys Barrel Rolling In

The Monkey's News Box for January '12