Arkham Asylum Series 2: More Bat, No Croc

The first series of Batman: Arkham Asylum figures was revealed just a month ago, but we're already seeing who made the cut for series 2. That's because series 2 is due out just a month after series 1 finally hits stores. It seems DC Direct wants to blow their Arkham figure load all at once.

Series 2 contains characters we were pretty much all expecting: Poison Ivy and Mr. Zsasz were first revealed via ToyFare magazine last week (apparently those two figures were their "world exclusive" since DC Direct revealed Series 1 beforehand) with Bane and Armored Batman rounding out the assortment. Disappointingly, I was expecting to see Killer Croc instead of Zsasz or Armor Bats. Killer Croc would have made more sense since he's much more prominent than Zsasz. And while I knew they would bring out another Batman variant, I was really hoping Croc would have his spot instead. Leaving Killer Croc out of these assortments could mean that he'll be in the Arkham Asylum 2 game and that DC Direct is saving him for a AA2 figure assortment. Croc needs to get made, one way or another. Now, let's take a look at those figures!

Also, for all of you that love to hate Ame-Comi girls, there are two new ones: Duela Dent as Joker and Jesse Quick as Flash. Face it, Ame-Comi is here to stay whether you want them or not. (via Action Figure Insider)

- Shawn - 6/14/10

What, no Killer Croc? In that case we shall see you later, alligator.

Poison Ivy and her natural bush panties. I'd like to see some girl at Comic-con do that for cosplay. Wait... on second thought, no, that'd be gross.

For some reason I don't remember Bane being that colorful. Maybe because I was just trying to avoid being crushed during the boss fight.

Mr. Zsasz is just happy to be here.

Another Batman, fine, but what is it with all this blue that wasn't in the game?