Assault at Wonder Festival 2011 Winter Event

Oh, don't worry, this is the good kind of Assault. Remember Assault in the arcades? That was Namco's top-down perspective tank game in 1988 that had two joysticks to control the tank. The tank was smack in the middle of the screen and it was the level that actually moved more-so than the tank. Controlling it was a little unwieldy at times, but It didn't matter if the tank flipped over because it had treads on the both the bottom and the top. Yeah, the tank was that awesome and I loved playing it even though I was terrible at that game. Well, R.C. Berg's next rad-ass "color cast" resin model is the tank from Assault. It's a little over five inches in length and I'm not sure if the treads actually move, but it would be a cool bonus if they did. The tank will only be available at Wonder Festival 2011 starting February 6th. There are an unknown limited number of them and you'd have to get a proxy service (like Tokyo Hunter) to nab one for you. The price is like an assault on your wallet at 10,000 Yen plus any additional fees, but it might be worth it to revive some nostalgic excitement.

Revive the excitement of poorly controlling Assault's tank with this awesome model.

Flip it over and it's almost like getting a second tank.

See more photos of the Assault model tank at R.C. Berg.

- Shawn - 1/27/11