Assault Suit Leynos Model Targets Earth

Takara Tomy ARTS' Video Game Robotics Assault Suit Leynos gashapon is super cool, but if you like your Leynos to be beefier and more detailed, Plum is readying a bigger model of the awesome mech. Hailing from the Mega Drive game of the same name (Target Earth on the Genesis), the Assault Suit Leynos AS-5E3 model is 1/35 scale, which is approximately 15cm of mechanized battle armor, and includes a bad-ass gating gun. It does require cement and paint, so I hope your modeling skills are up to the task. Seeing this is really making me want to go back and replay the game. The model is currently available for pre-order on Hobby Link Japan and Hobby Search where they also have more photos of this beast.

Plum's Assault Suit Leynos model is over 15cm of mechanized battle armor.

With the Leynos model coming out, you would think Plum would also have an Assault Suits Valken (Cybernator on the SNES) model on the horizon soon. (via Tomopop)

- Shawn - 2/26/11