Assault Suit Leynos Targets PS4

A new Assault Suit Leynos will be coming to the PlayStation 4. The original Assault Suit Leynos came out in 1990 and was known as Target: Earth on the Sega Genesis in the 'states. It was also the predecessor of the SNES' much beloved Assault Suit Valken/Cybernator. The teaser trailer doesn't show much, but it's more than enough to get me excited for a new game in the series.

The game was revealed at BitSummit '14. The game has some notable names behind it including Gunhound EX developer Dracue, Thunder Force composer Tsukumo Hyakutaro, and Armored Trooper Votoms artist Toro Yoshida. So in other words, this should be a great game with awesome music and art. There is no release date yet, but whenever it hits, hopefully it comes to the U.S. (via Siliconera)

Everyone you know is about to be captured an turned into cyborgs. Suit up!

- Shawn - 3/11/14