Assault Wings 1944

-Gameloft (2005)

-Played on a Sanyo 8300


The Story

Gameloft tries to pull one over on mobile shooter fans and re-releases Siberian Strike under a new name.

My Thoughts

Assault Wings 1944 is not a new shooter for your phone. It is actually Siberian Strike minus the quirky story. Actually, it’s only half of Siberian Strike as the game contains the paltry levels one through three. What the hell is Gameloft thinking? Anyone who has played Siberian Strike is going to see right through their dastardly plan and be furious that they just paid for half of a game they already played.

The least Gameloft could have done was add new features or enemies or power-ups or a save feature or just something, but no. Nothing was added to the game to make it different or better. All that changed was the title and half the game was taken away. When the game is beaten you are congratulated with a “well done” and “play episode 2.” What’s even worse is if you go to their website, it says “A 100% original game.” Rage rising….

As it stands though, Siberian Strike, er, I mean Assault Wings 1944 is a decent shooter. There are many enemies, weapon power-ups, decent bosses, and a hectic flight between icebergs. There is no save stage select feature and the game is a bit on the easy side. The lack of the latter half of the game is just sad. Thanks Gameloft, for cheapening my image of a usually very good mobile game developer. Please do not do try this type of stunt again. Your score suffers for your crime.

Score: 2.0




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