Astrosmash (Mobile)

-THQ Wireless (2003)

-Played on a Sanyo 8200

The Story

Space colonization has done wonders for the breakfast cereal industry, especially Post. They have developed an entire yearís supply of Fruity Pebbles in one massive chunk of cereal. All kids need to do is break off a piece in the morning and their day is completely fortified with every vitamin in the book. All was good for the moon factories until the saucers came. Alien saucers attacked the moon and caused Postís Fruity Pebbles space factory to explode. The pebbles are now coming down and you are the pilot commissioned to destroy the breakfast treat.

My Thoughts

Astrosmash was basically the Intellivisionís Space Invaders. I never played it until I downloaded it on the cell phone, but it isnít much different than Space Invaders or every other game where the goal is to shoot the falling objects.

In Astrosmash you destroy all the brightly colored meteors that are falling towards the surface using your ship that is one of those simple pointy gun things. From time to time a flying saucer will fly across the screen. If itís shot down more points are scored. The further you progress, the faster the meteors fall. Thatís about it.

What was most interesting, though, was that the title screen wasnít even sized to fit the phone screen. The game screen was fine, but the title and options screens oddly were not. I donít think it would be that difficult to get the title to fit the phone, but maybe the developers just stopped caring. If you really love obscure classic games then youíll probably like this, but I got my fill after one game (I did play it a lot more so donít think I didnít give it fair enough time).

Score: 3.0


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