Atari Legends Vol. 1

-ifone/Atari (2005)

-played on a Motorola 265


Three old school Atari classics in one mobile package.

My Thoughts

Old games get released on the cell phone all the time, but Atari and ifone did something smart and released three games as a single download. Asteroids, Centipede, and Combat are still fun to play in small doses and translate very well on the phone.

The controls are exactly how they were for the games when they originally appeared in the arcade and the Atari consoles. The games actually seem easier to control. You donít have to hassle with a clunky joystick, but then, sometimes the small pad on the phone is a hassle for certain games. I found it extremely easy to zip around in Asteroids and Combat. But thatís not the best thing about this three game download. The greatest thing that was done to these classics is that the game will automatically save at any time. If youíre in the middle of blasting apart asteroids and need to go do something else you can just end the game. Whenever you go back in and hit continue youíll be in the exact same position you were in when you left. That also means that you probably forgot there was a huge asteroid headed right towards you when you left so youíll die right away. Itís good to see that ifone knows that most people usually donít have a lot of time to spend playing a game on a phone and included the auto save feature. Iíve said this plenty of times, but this should be a standard feature on all cell phone games, even old school games that never had a save feature before.

Asteroids is the white-lined vector version. To spice up the gameplay a bit the options include rotating asteroids, classic vectors, and even double vectors. Centipede doesnít have any options so all you get is straight Centipede mushroom blasting action. However, the game is a little slower than usual. In Combat you can choose from fifteen levels that have all their own gameplay options. You can play as tanks in open arenas or mazes in pong or billiards style. Or you can dogfight with biplanes and jets in a sky with or without clouds. Each also has the option for straight or guided bullets.

If you already downloaded Asteroids or Centipede before, well, you got screwed. If you haven't and want a few old Atari games on your phone, Atari Legends is the way to go.

Score: 7.0








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