Aurora Base

-FT Mobile (2003)

-Played on a LG-5450


The Story

The Aurora Base is stationed on the edge of the frontier and is primarily a research facility. A rash of resent alien attacks has left the station nearly defenseless. The Aurora Base’s entire fighter complement has been destroyed. The only defense against the aliens is station’s lone laser weapon. There is only one person trained on the base’s laser gun and shield operations and that person is you. Defend the station until help arrives or the base is destroyed. The station’s scientists have no faith in the lone laser so they’re preparing for an early death. Good luck. 

My Thoughts

I guess you could classify this as a shooter. Aurora Base is more like the annoying game Simon, but without the obnoxious lights and sounds. A ship appears on the right and you hit the right arrow. The base’s lone weapon shoots and the ship is destroyed. A ship appears at the top, you hit up. Another appears at the left or down, repeat and repeat. You do this throughout the entire mind-numbing game. Most of the enemies attack from horizontal and vertical planes, where your gun can be positioned. If an enemy shoots out the gun emplacement you loose the ability to move your weapon there. Some enemy ships will circle the base and shoot the diagonal parts of the base which lead to the reactor core. When the core is hit the base is destroyed in a flurry of explosions. The real skill in the game is finding out how long you can actually stand playing it.   

Score: 1.0



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