Bandai X ThreeA Collab Produces a new Zaku

Bandai and ThreeA currently have an epic collaboration going on, combining an iconic mobile suit from Gundam with the art and design of Ashley Wood. The first thing to come out of it is the Ashley Wood-designed Zaku II mobile suit. It's easy to see the Zaku in it, but also how Ashley has made it into something else. Although it has a more stylized design, it has all the regular features that make a Zaku a Zaku... except for one, kind of important, thing; it has two eyes instead of one. I think it would look better with the requisite one eye that all Zeon suits have. The two eye holes almost make it look more like a dude in a suit rather than a big-ass mobile suit. Regardless, whenever this goes on sale it's going to sell out incredibly fast. This is just the prototype, so look for a possibly greener, or even pinker, ThreeA Zaku future.

The Bandai X ThreeA Zaku is almost ready to go up against a Gundam.

- Shawn - 8/31/2011