Bangai-O, DoDonPachi, Space Invaders, and Bullet Soul Quad Shot-o-Shooter News

The last two days have had some good announcements for my fav genre, the shooter.

D3Publisher has announced they will be bringing the puzzle shooter Bangai-O into the HD age with Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury. Developed by the great Treasure, the game will have over 100 levels, a level editor, delicious fruit, missiles galore, and possibly those hilarious kids. It's good to see Bangai-O getting a console release again. It will be exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade and be out this Fall for 800 points. Whether "exclusive" means a timed exclusive or exclusive exclusive remains to be seen. More Bangai-O is good-O. There are no screenshots or videos yet, but the game will be playable at PAX, so expect something to come out of there.

All we got for the new Bangai-O so far is this logo full of missiles and fury.

Initial Sales of DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu (AKA DoDonPachi Resurrection) for the iPhone are surprisingly awesome. The game was released on 8/26 and has surpassed 30,000 sold. It's number 1 in Japan (obviously) and number 2 in North America, France, and China. A niche bullet hell shooter on the iPhone getting a high rank sales spot? I don't own an iPhone or usually care about the games on it, but that's actually damn incredible.

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene will be out in September according to the official website. That's next month. Or this month if you're reading this in September. Or its already out if you see this later. Infinity Gene just looks flat-out amazing. I'm a huge fan of the Space Invaders Extreme titles, so these new directions for the franchise get my nerd meter rockin'.

There's now a teaser site for 5pb's Bullet Soul. There's nothing on the site but a bigger version of that Star Wars-y picture, but its sure to get full of images, videos, and goods soon.

- Shawn - 8/31/10