Batman: Arkham Asylum Figures Break Out Early

Super cool toy magazine ToyFare was supposed to reveal the Batman: Arkham Asylum figures in the new issue this month, but thanks to the leakiness of the internets, the much anticipated figures were revealed today. Actually, I think this this was more due to DC Direct giving ToyFare a big F U by including photos of the figures with their solicitation list for January 2011. That sucks for ToyFare losing momentum on their world exclusive reveal, but good for us because we finally get to see what these awesome figures look like.

Series 1 will include Batman, Joker with Scarface, Harley Quinn, and Scarecrow. These are fairly obvious choices for the first villains since each one had a larger role in the game. I did not expect to see a little Scarface figure though, so that's like a sweet bonus. One problem though; I don't remember Batman being so blue in the game. It looks really bad, especially with the cowl being a different color than his black cape. Hopefully it's just a paint test and we'll see an all black and grey figure in the next set of promo images. All the figures will include accessories and a display base. These are no doubt  going to be some insanely popular Batman figures, so I'm going to make some guesses for series 2: Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, and Bane for sure. The fourth could either be Mr. Zsasz or Gordon. Or DC Direct could say screw the minor characters and make another version of Batman, which they are akin to do.

One more problem. These won't be out until 2011? DC Direct is really missing the sweet spots to release these. The game came out in August 2009; a great time to release the figures. The Game of the Year Edition came out recently; another good time to bring out the figures. But no, we have to wait until 2011 to get these? It's bad timing, sure, but I'll be getting these regardless. Not only was the game amazing, but I dig the character designs so much. It's going to be an insane wait for these.

Also, because DC loves you - or hates you - there will be a new line of Ame-Comi heroines. You know, the DC girls that ultra anime-ified. There are some that look cool, but too many are rather awful. The new line is a smaller 5-inch scale that make the DC girls even cuter than the bigger ones. I can sense some you cringing. The first three will be Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl. Enjoy those. Or despise them.

By the way, DC Direct is also making Killzone figures, but there are no photos yet. (via Action Figure Insider)

- Shawn - 5/17/10

Some lunatics at DC Direct stole ToyFare's thunder by revealing the Arkham Asylum figures early.

The costume is one part Harley, one part sexy nurse, and all win.

Joker figures usually terrify me, but I'm digging this one. Scarface is an unexpectedly awesome bonus, too.

That's like the Scarecrow's own version of the Power Glove, but with needles and fear.

Why does Batman have so much blue when those spots were black in the game? It doesn't look right.

Admit it, as much as you hate them, you love them.