Battlestar Galactica

-Infusio (2005)

-Played on a Motorola Rokr


The Story

Man created the Cylons. Cylons destroyed man. Now the remaining humans search for a place called Earth.



My Thoughts

Battlestar Galactica comes to mobile phones as an overhead shooter. And if you think about it, what other kind of game could they really make for it on a phone? Well, maybe an Apollo dating sim might work since he sees plenty of action out of the cockpit. While you donít get all the drama of the show, you do get a pretty decent mobile shooter.

Battlestar Galactica seems to be a typical overhead shooter when you first start playing, and for a short while it is. The graphics are pretty good overall and there are plenty of Cylons to shoot. The ships are recognizable with the mean pointy Cylon Raiders being the main enemy you encounter in you Viper Mark II. The backgrounds are a mix. They donít get in the way and sometimes they look good, but other times they tend to look a bit plain. At the title screen there is some nice little Galactica music, but sound for the rest of the game pretty much doesnít exist. The game seems to play a tad slower than other shooters, but that could be due to the phone itself since the Rokr is known to be a bit on the slow side.

The gameplay is standard shooter fare with a drawback. The gunfire of the Viper is not nearly as fast as it should be. The shots are spaced far apart and it seems only one pair of Viper bullets can be on the screen at once. This makes the game more challenging, but the bullets should really fly faster than this. There are power-ups that will increase the rate of fire, but for some reason the weapon didnít seem to fire that much faster. I believe the bullet power-ups were sabotaged. For some reason the "bullets" are referred to as lasers in the game. They donít have fantasy light weapons in the new BSG; they have real powder-in-a-casing shells.

Other power-ups include a temporary shield, energy, double lasers and triple lasers. The Viper isnít a one-hit kill piece of junk; it has an energy bar so it can sustain a few hits. Although, colliding with another ship insures an instant death. The good thing is that if you die, you donít lose your double or triple lasers so the Gods do lend you a helping hand.

At the start of the second mission the game hits you with a surprise as big as any from the show; the game changes style. Itís still an overhead shooter, but now in the style of Asteroids where pressing up makes the Viper accelerate. The change helps to demonstrate the Viperís incredible maneuverability from the show if only a little. I was also expecting the usual six levels that most shooters deliver. Maybe there would be a couple more, but not BSG. The game surprised me again with fifteen missions and one training mission. Plus there are two unlockable Cylon missions where you annihilate Colonial Vipers. The game contains more stages than most regular shooters let alone mobile ones. What this game lacks in speedy gameplay, it makes up for in its quantity.

Before each mission Starbuck will brief you. None of the actorsí images actually appear in the game, so all youíll get is a paragraph or two of text. You will be given a primary objective and a secondary. Competing the primary is your top priority, but completing all secondary missions is the only way to unlock the Cylon missions. All the missions are different and take place during episodes from the first season of the show. However, they are expanded upon for the game. This is all ďoff screenĒ action, although some of the missions change up a few of the sequences of the show so it's like the rookie Viper pilot was there the whole time. If you still have not watched the first season of the series then don't read the rest of this paragraph.  You will destroy Cylon raiders, find missing fleet ships, destroy nukes en route to Galactica, protect Colonial 1, destroy asteroids, destroy civilian ships the Cylons have taken over, escort Raptors, fly above the surface of planets, and eventually help take part in the destruction of a Cylon base and a Base Star.

As for enemies youíll get plenty of Cylon Raiders. Thatís the extent of the Cylons from the show, but the developers decided to add a Cylon Tank. Is this a super secret sneak preview of a new Cylon coming in season three or just an added element for the game? Iím going to say the latter, but you never know what BSG is gonna throw at you next. I also did find it odd how in the escort missions you could actually destroy Cylon bullets, while in other missions you could not. The show is known for keeping things consistent, so the game should follow the same rules.

Battlestar Galactica may not be the best shooter, but it will keep you entertained for awhile. The length of the game, as well as its superb source material, really sets it apart from other mobile shooters.  

Score: 7.5 




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