Bear McCreary Scores SOCOM 4

Bear McCreary's next big project is SOCOM 4. I don't really like the SOCOM games, but I love me some Bear McCreary scores, which might be enough for me to at least play the single player mode of part 4. His work on Battlestar Galactica was amazing. And while I don't think the game is as horrible as people say it is, his music was the best part of Dark Void. Who knows, his music could end up being the best part of SOCOM 4, too. The Bear was also super nice at Capcom's booth and at the meet and greet at the Battlestar Galactica concert at SDCC last year when he signed my BSG CDs. Hmm, The Bear. I think the good people should start calling him that. By the way, you can win a chance to watch The Bear compose his music over at i09.

No, Shirley Manson won't be singing over The Bear's SOCOM 4 tracks, she's just in this picture for awesome reasons.

- Shawn - 5/27/10