Beast Wars Re-Maximize on DVD

To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Beast Wars: Transformers, Shout! Factory is re-maximizing The Complete Series in a robot-gorilla-sized 8-DVD set. Shout! Factory made the original Transformers even better on DVD, so I'm sure the same care went in for the 52-episode run of Beast Wars. It's not mentioned if the episodes are re-mastered, but but the set does include retrospectives, new interviews, art galleries, a 12-page booklet, and a reprint of the Dawn of Future's Past comic that was exclusive to the 2006 BotCon. The Complete Series will be available exclusively on the Shout! Factory store June 7th for $49.99. The Season 1 DVD set will also be available by itself on DVD June 7th for $29.99, but for $20 more you might as well get the complete series.

Beast Wars back on DVD is just prime.... yes.

I own the original Rhino releases of Seasons 2 and 3, but I never got around to getting Season 1... or the follow-up Beast Machines, but that show was kind of a disappointment. I think because of the Transformers transforming in to animals and the slow first some episodes of Season 1, some viewers lost interest in the series (I have a few friends who gave up very early), but to this day Seasons 2 and 3 still have some of the best storytelling of any cartoon. It's also one of the few cartoon series that really holds up if you watch it when you're older. Beast Wars is directly connected to Generation 1, too, so there are plenty of nods to and cameos of G1 characters that everyone loves. (via TV Shows on DVD)

- Shawn - 5/16/11