Big Wow '12: Cosplay

I wasn't sure how much cosplay I was going to see at Big Wow ComicFest, given how small the con was. There weren't a ton of cosplayers the day I was there, so this gallery might not be as huge as you're used to from me. I usually crown a best girl during each con, but there are kind of slim pickings here. I guess I can have a three-way tie with Arkham Asylum/City Poison Ivy, Lara Croft, and Emma Frost who joined the Avengers. Sure, why not. There may not have been a lot of cosplayers, but the quality was pretty good overall. Check out the cosplayers, click on the photos for enlarge-ness, and I'll see you at the next con.

Storm Shadow didn't look very threatening without his mask on, but once he put it on he was all business. Ninja business.

Arkham Asylum/City Poison Ivy is appropriately wearing her all-natural panties. How do those leaves stay on?

This awesome Cobra Viper was the first cosplayer I saw at Big Wow. Not a bad start, but the Viper may want to hold off on the donuts to defeat G.I. Joe.

Lara Croft has her gun strap on her leg and waist. Also, I like them boots.

Movie Wolverine was damn good, Bub. That Cyclops costume looks incredibly easy. Wear a leather jacket, get a light-up visor, and act like a dick to Wolverine.

A guy is about to go operate in Raccoon City and a rad dude that may or may not be involved with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Miss Misery and her Executioner are about to execute the Wolfman. Apparently she's a host of some show.

That's a lot of Marvels.

That new Ultimate Spider-Man, a Punisher, and Death? That's an unusual team-up.

This guy told me he was Captain Chill America.

Batman's jaw-line is a little bigger than normal, but is still a great Batman.

Not nearly as cool as Doctor Mew.

The Avengers and their new super pup, Wolfie.

The Avengers have a few new members and a DC crossover.

- Shawn - 5/23/12