Big Wow '12: Some Random Things

In hopes to fill the hole left from WonderCon being too far away this year, I attended Big Wow ComicFest. I didn't know what how big or how wow it would be, but I was game to go. This was the first year I'd been there and I was only able to attend the first day, so I can't compare it to other years, but it seemed like there were a lot of people in attendance. If WonderCon doesn't return to San Francisco I could see this getting bigger and better. Big Wow is a little at a disadvantage when it is held this year, however, because the following weekend is Fanime. I could see a lot of people not attending Big Wow because they were going to Fanime the weekend after. All the cons need to start somewhere, though, so maybe this will really take off in the coming years.

Big Wow ComicFest indeed had some wow.

Pretty much the whole con fit into this room. All the big cons had to start somewhere and I hope this will get bigger.

  • Big Wow basically fit into a single hall in the convention center. All the exhibitors, artists, gaming tables, and exhibits were in one hall. There were three rooms for panels, but you had to walk through whatever karate/tae kwon do tournament thing that was going on. I saw six-year-olds that could destroy me.

  • Thomas Jane was probably the biggest star there, but he wasn't there when I was, so no photo. Sorry.

  • I bought two anime Laser Discs. I don't know why. I don't own a Laser Disc player, but they were dirt cheap, and the giant disc packaging with the anime art is kind of neat. I still don't know what I'm going to do with them.

  • Jenny Parks' Doctor Mew cats are fantastic. Whether you like Doctor Who or not, you'll love these. She also has a sweet Dexter Cat and Harry Pawter.

  • There was an Avengers Museum that basically had lots of art, statues, old games, and stuff. It was a little underwhelming, seeing some original Avengers art was very cool.

  • Jim Lee was there, but only on the day I wasn't. Jim Lee eludes me once again.

  • As a joke, a friend of mine suggested I bring The Cryptics PSP game with me to have Steve Niles sign. It's kind of an inside joke, so it's probably not funny to you. I also don't own a PSP.

  • Adventures of The 19XX is some diesel punk comic with adventure and planes and zeppelins and stuff. It has a surprising amount of merchandise, too, like replica guns. I just liked the name because it reminded me of Capcom's 19XX shooters, but I'm finding the comic pretty interesting.

  • There were a lot of dealer booths with half-off graphic novels, but there was one that had a welcome sign of "$5 graphic novels or 5 for 20." There were some good deals in those boxes.

  • The San Jose Convention Center was undergoing construction in the front of the place. This really limits the amount of space for photo ops at any convention held there.

  • A couple dealer booths had the S.H. Monster Arts Space Godzilla figure. Man, it's so amazing, but totally out of my budget right now.

  • A couple other dealer booths had G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures. I didn't even know these were out yet, except for Amazon's exclusive 4-pack.

  • The 501st was there, but they're at every con these days.

  • A TMNT van was apparently there somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

Here are some photos from Big Wow. Enjoy these for now and I'll have more coming up in future posts.

The Bay Area Ghostbusters Jeep.

That Shogun Warriors Beast King Go Lion (Voltron) is awesome.

Doctor Mew? Awesome. It's all the Doctors as cats!

Inflatable Stay Puft and Terror Dog aren't too terrifying.

The Avengers Museum had original art, old games, and statues.

Avengers art assembled.

In the year 19XX... The Adventure of the 19XX.

There was also construction going on at the convention center.

Wow, the Constructicons were even at Big Wow!

- Shawn - 5/22/12