Big Wow '14: Cosplay

With Big Wow ComicFest getting bigger there are more and more cosplayers attending to show off their costumes. There were costumes from all over the nerd sphere. Godzilla was a big draw to Big Wow this year so there were at least a couple Godzilla cosplayers along with an assortment of characters from comics, movies, videogames, anime, and whatever else. My favorites from the show was Robocop and Lady Apocalypse. Robocop looked amazing. Lady Apocalypse was an awesome variation I hadn't seen before of one of my favorite Marvel villains.

Big Wow also features some more well-known professional cosplayers like Anthony Misiano, Alyssa King, Holly Conrad, Riddle, Scruffy Rebel, Nicole Marie Jean, Monika Lee, Jessica Nigri, Vampy, Vegas Power Girl, and others. As you can see, many of the cosplayers were on Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay, of which there were a couple panels where the cast members talked about the show. The featured cosplayers had their own booths where fans could take photos, buy prints, or get autographs from them. While I was there, Jessica Nigri and Vampy had the biggest lines of fans wanting to meet them and get signed photos.

When I visited Anthony Misiano (Harley's Joker) for a photo, an idea sparked in his head to make it the most epic booth photo ever. He started with Harley and a cane, but then brought in the horn. And yeas, he was honking his horn.

Enjoy the photos below, click 'em to big 'em, and I'll be bringing some more Big Wow stuff and photos.

- Shawn - 6/1/14

Part Man. Part cosplayer. All Robocop.

Godzilla is on his way to see the real Godzilla.

Lady Apocalypse will take over the world.

Here's a slightly more cartoony Godzilla.

Danger! Danger, Godzilla!

Lara Croft got a bit beat up during her Big Wow adventure.

Joker (Anthony Misiano) went into an epic posing display at his booth with Harley (Alyssa King).

This is how you promote the photos at your booth.

Yes, Joker was honking his horn.

Riddle (Riki LeCotey) and Monika Lee as Sailor Scouts. Monika is taller than she looks on TV.

Jessica Nigri as Bishoujo Freddy.

Nicole Marie Jean as Catwoman.

Lady Moon Knight? Holy awesome!

Holly Conrad does a little dance in her outfit of, yeah, don't know who the costume is of.

Poison Ivy, Ms. Marvel, and Phoenix doing things in the sun.


Batman seaches for more goons on the con floor.

Supergirl, Bat Woman, and Wonder Woman walk into a con...

Spider-Man and Black Cat are about to get is on at the con.

Here's Vampy as Chun Li, Street Fighter Alpha version.

The Walking Dead's Darryl as a lady.

Victoria Schmidt (Scruffy Rebel) makes an amazing Jean Grey.

Robin and Jean Grey, with Jinyo photo-bombing.

Dr. Fett the Vet. I love the Ewok with the cone.

The most badass Winter Soldier around.

This Harley likes her latex.

This Harley is a little more playful.

Vegas Power Girl as Mary Jane.

Classic Batgirl.

Scarlet Witch and Princess Bubblegum are all about mutant science.

Super Assassin Bros.

Bishop comes from a convention in the future.

That Tootsie Pop is gonna get it.

Poison Ivy is wearing more than usual.

The Shazam and Xena team-up you've always wanted.

I think I've seen this character before...

A gathering of old chums.

Lego Batman Vs. Baroness is not something in the next Lego Batman game.

Lara Croft, Slade, Bishoujo Jason, and probably Tony Stark.

Raven gets her portrait.

A gathering of mostly Marvel Heroes.

Wolverine, White Tiger, and Blade team up.

Balrog Vs. Chin Li.

The only possible outcome.

Imperial troops, and a couple Sand People, making sure the blast doors stay closed.

I don't know what these dudes are from.

Blade and cool-in-Japan Wolverine.

This kid owned the stage as Spawn.

Yeah, Spawn kid was awesome.

Robocop is immune to Zatanna's magic charms.

Zatanna arrested by Robocop.

A Deadpool for every 'con.

It's a dude from Galaxy Quest.

Batman the Animated Series Mr. Freeze.

Captain Jack Sparrow is always in character.

Daenerys found herself a new assassin.

A great Moonstar.

Russell grew Up. Get it? Get it??!!

Joker is about to kill Robin. Again.

The amazing Buzz Lightyear you may have seen at other conventions.

Lego Iron Man, built by Robocop.

I'm sure her Tardis is a lot bigger on the inside.

Artemis from Young Justice.

This Namor is wearing a top... oh, right.

Gorilla Lantern?

They're colorful, whatever they're from.

A tiny Poison Ivy with a killer plant.

Lazy Sunday Green Lantern is out for a stroll.

Super Sailor Chibi Moon is getting all the cute points in teh competition.

Morpheus takes a break frm doing car commercials.

Black Panther and Storm take a break from making out.

Stormtrooper puts on his suit and tie.

Slob Zombie. Seriously, that's his name.

See ya next year, Puddin'!


Photos by Heidi and Shawn.