Big Wow '15: Some Random Things

It's once again time for a bunch of random things together in one place.

-The big news was the announcement of Silicon Valley Comic Con in 2016. Steve Wozniak is bringing this new convention to the San Jose Convention Center on March 19th and 20th. It sounds like it's going to be a big convention with a technology twist. I'm interested to see how this turns out. It could be very cool with more tech stuff at a convention.

Silicon Valley Comic Con is next year. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

-Aside from the big sign for SVCC at Big Wow, there was a SVCC area with a bull ride, which was more like a goblin ride because the face kind of looked like Green Goblin. If someone rode the goblin long enough they got a T-Shirt for next year's Silicon Valley Comic-Con. It will be interesting to see who and what are all at next year's brand new show.

-Keith Tucker was a storyboard artist for a lot of the cartoons you probably watched in the 80s and 90s. I unknowingly watched a lot of shows he worked on when I was young so it was very cool to meet him. He worked on one of my favorite cartoons ever, Exo Squad, so I asked him if he had ever storyboarded anything after season 2's last episode (the one where planet Chaos is taken by some weird space creature.) He said he didn't because they hadn't started on season 3 yet when they were told the show got cancelled. However, he also really wanted to know what would have happened, so it might always be a mystery. Tucker said he would like to make books of his storyboards, which would be incredibly awesome. This needs to happen, somehow.

Keith Tucker has probably worked on your favorite cartoon.

-There were so many great artists this year like Dave Dorman, Jose Delbo, Adam Hughes, Keith Tucker, Eric Basaldua, Neal Adams, Brent Anderson, Dan Brereton, Arthur Adams, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, Joe Linsner, Jin Steranko, and many many more.

Jose Delbo has a long line of great work including Transformers, Batman, Buck Rogers, ThunderCats, Green Arrow, and so much more.

-The times I went past Adam Hughes' booth on Saturday, his line didn't seem too bad. There were people constantly going up to him, but it was a doable line where it didn't look like fans had to wait long. On Sunday, however, the line seemed almost never ending whenever I went past. It was like almost like everybody saved getting his autograph or a sketch until Sunday.

-Artist Nick Bradshaw got sick. Oh no! He had a sign saying he lost his voice.

Nick Bradshaw had a sign warning fans of his highly contagious disease. Or he just lost his voice.

-IDW announced some of their new upcoming Artists and Archive editions. I wasn't at the panel for the announcement, but they had the books on display at their booth.

A few of IDW's Artist Editions.

-I saw the Year of the Goat Masterpiece Soundwave at one of the dealer booths. Man, what an ugly ass deco. Does anyone actually think this good?

How did this become a finalized paint scheme?

-Writer and Producer William Wisher Jr. had a couple panels where he talked about all the cool things he's done during his career. I was able to attend the second panel so here are some of the interesting things he had to say about the movies he's worked on.

-There was a World War II movie he was involved with, but then Steven Spielberg wanted to make Saving Private Ryan, and since Paramount doesn't want to make two WWII movies back-to-back, he was unable to make his movie. There was another movie he was planning with James Cameron that would have followed a crew on a tour of duty. Cameron wanted to do it, but then decided to work on Avatar instead. And now that Cameron id basically dedicated to lots of Avatars he doubts the movie will ever happen.

-He was working on a project about the CIA and the CIA invited him to see "The Big Board." was able to see places normal people can't get into.

-When he was doing Live Free and Die Hard, they were using a part of Pasadena as part of DC. There was a big shootout scene, so there were lots of guns. He brought his gun to set and put it in a bag to have the armeror fix it. During lunch, they had to walk to his truck and were carrying gun past the cops protecting their block. Carrying lots of guns and were walked 4 - 5 blocks away from their block, just walking around with guns in broad daylight. There were lots of people around and the people were not worried about them. He discovered that if you have a certain attitude you can just walk around with guns.

-If he had the capability to reboot a franchise that has not been rebooted or was crappy. He couldn't think of a franchise, but thinks a updated Father Goose Starring George Clooney and Marion Colitard would be a great movie. Hw wants to see a new cult shoot-em-up, gritty in the vein of Ronin.

-He was going to do more Terminator films with McG, but the company the produced the films got into a lawsuit so they couldn't continue. They had an idea of how to full circle the franchise back, but the new company is doing their own thing. Many Terminator fans I know were expecting the films to eventually circle back somehow. It's too bad we'll never get to see how it would have turned out.

-There was going to be Spider-Man 4 with Toby McGuire still as Spider-Man. In this one he would fight the Vulture. Sam Raimi refused to do the movie in 3D so the studio canned Raimi and McGuire went with him.

-The Air Force gave him a call and other people who worked on sci-fi action movies a program called 2020, to come up with ideas about new technology

-A lot of people ask him what Bruce Willis is like and he just says watch the Die Hard movies because he's John McClane without shooting people.

-His favorite shows on television were Sherlock and Breaking Bad. Most of what he likes are not not NBC, ABC, or CBS. He really liked Boss.

-Additional photos below:

C. Andrew Nelson has worked on a lot of Star Wars games and has been Darth Vader.

The super bad-ass Sandtrooper on Dewback.

Jose Delbo takes a minute to check out an artist's booth at the end of the show.


More of IDW's beefy Artist/Archive Editions.

Even more from IDW!

Floor Space!

An aisle in artist alley.

Prop costumes for Batman and  Iron Man/Woman...

...and a custom Ultron and Groot.

- Shawn - 5/26/15

Photos by Shawn and Heidi.