Big Wow '15: Vampirella Exhibit

This year, Big Wow Comic Fest's art exhibit was celebrating 45 years of Vampirella. Also a little bit of Swamp Thing, but mostly Vampi. I didn't realize that Vampi was that old. While I think I've only read a few Vampirella comics myself, I do appreciate the character... and the outfit, obviously. There wasn't a ton of art and collectibles in the exhibit, but I don't think any future exhibit at Big Wow can top the sheer amount of stuff in last year's Batman museum. This was a great chance to see original Vampirella art in person, though, and I especially like the title and look of the "Vampi's Feary Tales" stories. There was also an art auction that focused on Vampi art and I'm sure some of the pieces sold for a lot.

Be sure to click on the photos to make them bigger.

- Shawn - 4/28/15

 Photos by Heidi.