BioShock 2's Subject Omega and Busted Bunny Mask Boxed

If you don't have a Halloween costume picked out yet, maybe you'll be able to wear the busted-up bunny mask that is part of NECA's next BioShock 2 Toys 'R' Us exclusive, but only if it happens to appear on shelves slightly early. It's not due out until November, but sometimes you'll see this stuff out a little sooner. The costume would be super easy, too. All you'd need is some old clothes and not shower.

The box set contains the bunny mask pried off the corpse of a crazy Splicer and a Subject Omega Big Daddy figure with a Little sister in a polka dot dress. I'm not sure if the Omega figure is exclusive to this set, but it most likely it is. Supposedly this box set will cost $49.99, which would mean the mask is $30. For that price they could at least give us a non-broken bunny mask. Anyways, here are first photos of what the box set will look like. It's got Subject Omega and the Little sister on one side, with the bunny mask on the other. Enjoy the shots and hopefully it'll be out a smidge early so you can complete your last-minute Halloween costume. (via Toy News i)

The Omega of the Big Daddy line does not mean an end to the repaints.

Fresh from the bloodied dead face of a psychotic Splicer.

- Shawn - 9/28/10