Bishoujo Freddy Vs. Jason is a Bizarre Combination

Artist Shunya Yamashita revealed the art for Kotobukiya's Freddy and Jason Movie Bishoujo statues. I heard the news of these a while back and wondered how these could possibly work. Well, here they are and I don't know what to think other than they're weird and bizarre. They don't look very scary and I guess having grotesque faces would take away from the Bishoujo aspect, which is the whole point of these. "Jason" has some mean abs, though.

Two horror icons made less horrific. Maybe this will inspire some cosplay.

For the finished statue, I wonder if "Jason's" mask will be able to be placed over her face or if it will be just on the side of her face. It would be better if the mask could be moved on her face; it would make her slightly scarier, at least.

Will the hardcore fans of these two horror icons will actually like these? Hot girls and horror movies go well together, but in a much different way. I think there needs to be a movie with hot girls as Freddy and Jason just so we can get a grasp of them actually being supernatural psychotic killers. I'm fully expecting a girl dressed like one of these at Kotobukiya's SDCC booth just to help sell the idea of these existing.

- Shawn - 2/9/14