Blu-ray - G.I. Joe is There

Finally we'll be getting some animated G.I. Joe in HD. The real G.I. Joe movie is coming to Blu-ray on July 27th, courtesy of Shout! Factory. While producer Brian Ward has stated that putting G.I. Joe and Transformers on Blu-ray wouldn't add anything, that only applies to the series. Since the movie was on film it can get an HD transfer. Plus, it should be in the original widescreen format, so the action scenes will be bigger and have extra Cobra-la-ness. I just wonder if Duke will actually die. With Shout! Factory dipping into the Blu-ray pool, maybe we can get the original animated Transformers movie on Blu-ray, too. Now, if only we could get Resolute on Blu-ray. (via Toy News i)

Will Duke finally be pronounced dead?

- Shawn - 3/27/10