Bombshells and Trash Monsters for SDCC 2017

Tickets for SDCC are almost ready to go on sale, but the first SDCC exclusives can't wait to be revealed. From Cryptozoic come Golden Goddess versions of three of their infamous DC Bombshells. Of all the Bombshells, they picked Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman for the Golden Goddesses repaint. These are a great SDCC exclusive because it's something not everyone will want (but tons of fans will still try to get them). These repaints kind of like an unfinished porcelain doll to me and have a certain charm, but I prefer the normal full color versions. Also, they should have added one more character for these: Batgirl. Bombshell Batgirl would have been absolutely perfect for this color scheme. She already has gold/yellow on her costume, so she would probably have looked the best of all of these. There's always next year.

They love goooooooooooooooooooooold!

These 7-inch Bombshells will be $40 at SDCC, are limited to only 250 each, and are individually numbered. There was a pre-order for pick-up, but it sold out in a few minutes. The rest will be sold at the Cryptozoic booth at SDCC.

Meanwhile, Gentle Giant is bringing two Star Wars Celebration Orlando exclusives to SDCC 2017; the Ralph McQuarrie concept Han Solo bust and the Jumbo Dianoga Trash Monster. Any McQuarrie Star Wars concept collectible is going to be a hot item. Busts aren't really my thing, but it's a McQuarrie Solo, so it's pretty cool.

This brings us to the Dianoga Trash Monster. Gentle Giant has been making 1:6 scale version of the original Kenner Star Wars figures for a while now. Not everything needs to be made at a larger size, but these huge figures seem to be doing well. For as many as they've made, I guess it was only a matter of time before GG started on re-creating random creatures. The Dianoga is a 1:6 scale recreation of the original, right down to being the one-color green. Oh, and it includes foam trash. I can just see someone at GG saying, "Hey, we have all this extra foam that usually gets thrown out, why not toss it in the boxes for garbage accessories?" "Great idea! Done!" It's a perfect SDCC exclusive because it's kind of bizarre.

Fun with foam trash is what happens when you're a toy company with too much packing material in the warehouse.

Also, I love vintage style boxes, so that box is fantastic. Prices have not been announced, but they'll be at the Gentle Giant booth at SDCC, probably alongside many other awesome exclusives.

- Shawn - 4/4/2017