Border Down Antares Resin Kit

G. Rev's Dreamcast-era side-scrolling shooter Border Down is getting a slick resin kit from R.C. Berg. Border Down's Antares is a unique and awesome looking ship. The huge booster unit is detachable it includes a super sweet SDF display base. The Antares measures a little over 6" long and will cost a 12,600 Yen. As with the Power Dolls resin kit, the Antares will be available at Winter Wonder Festival 2013 on February 10th.

The Antares and equally awesome SDF display base.

Maybe Takara Tomy ARTS can get down on the Border Down action and give us a cheaper, albeit smaller, Shooting Game Historica version. It would also be cool to see Border Down receive an HD upgrade version for current consoles. Check out more photos at R.C. Berg.

- Shawn - 1/5/13