Brock Samson Eats Cylons for Lunch at SDCC

Entertainment Earth started showing off their SDCC 2012 exclusives and they appear to be going a little crazy with the tin lunchboxes this year. I'll get back to those in a bit, though, because one of their best non-lunchbox exclusives is a bloody Brock Samson figure. The Venture Bros. 3&3/4" figures were mostly cancelled, but a few will be coming out later this year. Before those saved figures are out, we'll get an awesome white shirt wearing bloody Brock at SDCC.

Most of The Venture Bros. figures will never see the light of day, but at least we'll get a sick bloody Brock Samson.

Now, Entertainment Earth has a bunch of figure in a tin lunchbox combos for SDCC. They call them totes, but they're totally lunchboxes. They have Twilight Zone, Doctor Who, Six Million Dollar Man, and Battlestar Galactica combos with retro-style figures. The Battlestar Galactica set include two Cylon figures, a silver and a gold. I'm not really into the retro Mego style figures, but I do like that lunchbox.

Most of the time Entertainment Earth combines forces with Toys 'R' Us, so there will probably be more yet-to-be-announced exclusives. EE does a great job on spreading the SDCC love, because right now all the exclusives are pre-orderable online for those that can't attend SDCC. Check out the rest of the SDCC exclusives, so far, at Entertainment Earth.

Two Cylons, one box.

- Shawn - 5/9/12