Bruticus and Zombie Cliffjumper Fall from Cybertron to SDCC

Shortly after photos of the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Bruticus toys debuted, there was a little confusion. There were the toys with the muted colors based off the original Generation 1 Combaticons, but there were also photos of more brightly colored versions that were based off Generation 2. No one knew why there were two different versions of the five Combaticons. After this year's BotCon, it turns out that one of them is an San Diego Comic-Con exclusive for 2012. Strangely, it turns out that the G1 colored, and Fall of Cybertron accurate, Bruticus will be the SDCC exclusive, with the G2 colored version getting the regular retail release. This doesn't make sense. In Fall of Cybertron the Combaticons sport the mostly G1 muted colors, meaning that the game-accurate Fall of Cybertron Bruticus will only be available at SDCC. It would make a lot more sense for G1 colored Combaticons to be available everywhere at retail with the G2 colored Combaticons as the SDCC exclusive. Anyone should be have the chance able to get the game-accurate version, but as an SDCC exclusive, that's sadly not possible.

The five Combaticons will come packaged together as Bruticus in a big box inside of another bigger box. Both boxes are going to be big and that is one huge combiner box thing to be lugging around SDCC. Even though the G1 colors are an SDCC exclusive, it's a damn awesome one. Also that box art is fantastic.

Bruticus could have the biggest, and possibly best, packaging of the SDCC exclusives this year.

The other SDCC Transformers exclusive is Terrorcon Cliffjumper from Transformers: Prime. Even though he was voiced by The Rock, Cliffjumper was so unskilled that he died in the first five minutes of the first episode. Then become infused with Dark Energon to return as a zombie Transformer. And then was killed again. Now this is a Transformers exclusive for SDCC that makes sense; an alternate version of a character with a very small bit of screen time. Hasbro had plans to release zombie Cliffjumper another way, but apparently plans fell through and it's now at SDCC. The packaging is Cliffjumper's zombified head (which can probably be worn as a mask) also inside of another box that doubles as his body when you put the head on top of it. It's a neat packaging gimmick. The official photos come from IGN and you can Check out the toys on display at BotCon at TFormers.

This is what happens when Autobots get cocky. Don't' get cocky.

- Shawn - 4/30/12