Bullet Soul on the Attack in Bullet Hell

Famitsu revealed 5pb's new upcoming bullet hell shooter for the Xbox 360, Bullet Soul. Said to be a bit different than the usual bullet hell shooter, Bullet Soul will put an emphasis on attack and offense rather than avoidance and defense. In other bullet hell shooters you're blasting away while constantly weaving between pink/purple/orange shots, so I wonder how exactly how 5pb's new gameplay of attack, attack, and more attack will work out. There are no details just yet, but there will be hidden characters and secret bonuses for those who attack with maximum "attack-ability."

5pb did not skimp when it came to the talent they've been able to bring to this game. The characters designs are by the great Akio Watanabe. The two main characters are a guy with a sword, a gun, a cape, and an eye patch and a girl with a badge, and wearing a long coat and not much else. Both of them have little cute companion cyber demon shooter guy things, too. The music is being composed by Kenji Ito with arrangement from Kouta Takahashi. I'm almost more excited to hear the music than play the game now.

I'm totally getting a Star Wars vibe from this Bullet Soul art.

Bullet Soul will be out in the colder time called Winter. A few screenshots follow with more and additional character art at Famitsu (via Andriasang).

- Shawn - 8/27/10




...and atta - okay, maybe we'll avoid here.